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dreaded saturday morning...


Fab & Fit For Florida
got my 4th weigh in today and i am terrified...

i felt pretty good yesterday as when i sneaky-peaked on my scales it seems i only had 1.5lbs to go to 2st...

different story this morning... mind you, i hate my scales...

we'll just have to see what happens :)
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I got my weigh in today. I really hope I am 17 on the dot or into the 16's!

Good Luck!


Fab & Fit For Florida
well i lost 4lbs this week, i am a little gutted...
How can you be gutted with 4lbs?!?!?!


Full Member
hey chin up! and just remember
4lbs is great! Above average for Cambridge weekly loss. I'd love to lose 4lb a week. Well done x


Fab & Fit For Florida
oh don't get me wrong 4lb is great i think i had just set myself up all week to get to the 2st mark...

anyway i went to a BBQ at the cricket club organised by my beloved so i was helping him all day - everyone was drinking all day so i stuck to flavoured water...

my only "slip-up" if you wanna call it that, i had some of the chicken after removing the skin and fat...

still pretty proud of myself for how i got through the day (and i got on the scales this morning and had still lost 1lb :) )

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