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dreading WI on tuesday :( **RANT**


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Ok so i've had the week from hell!!!

I've looked back on my food menu and on Wednesday i had 18.5 syns, Thursday 20 syns and today so far 12!!!

When i'm at home at the weekend i hardly snack on syn's at all!

I think its all down to my job and been board!

I work on a switchboard so i'm sat on my back side all day, and if its quiet i snack like a trooper!

I'm starting to feel so down! i know what i'm suppose to eat and like i said before its not an issue when i'm at home and at the weekend.

And it doesnt help that i sit next to a pregnant woman who is always munching very yummy syn ridden food, and always brining in sweets for us all.

I'm going swimming tonight to try and undo all the bad i've done this week!

But i am going to my friends tomorrow night for 'drinks' which i know will be high in syns and i'm dreading it :cry:!!!

I've lost for the last 7 weeks since i started this weeks WI was a pathetic 0.5 loss!!! but it was my star week.

But i really dont want to gain and make a habbit of it. :break_diet::cry::cry:

Sorry guys end of rant - think i need a big hug

alyce x
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Not to worry, we all have these weeks.

Try taking in some grapes to work. They're lovely and sweet. You can even freeze them for the evenings at home.

When it's drinks night try having a spritzer instead and it can half your syns but your still having the crushed grapes ;) If you prefer spirits like me, go for vodka, bacardi or gin and have slimline tonic or a diet mixer.


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There it is!

Half a pound isn't measly, it's half a pound OFF! It's half a pound in the right direction.

Just cut down to 10 syns a day until WI and you will even syns out. Get munching some superspeeds and all will be well. x
Good luck for tomorrow hun, i'm sure you'll be fine. It's my weigh in day too, and i cannot seem to get my backside into gear properly either this week.

I was like this when i was at work.

I used to take in HUGE fruit salads, full of lots of different stuff each day. Anything from Watermelon and Blueberries, Mango and Raspberries, Pineapple and a HE of cheese or even pickled onions!

How about taking in some spicy potato or sweet potato wedges and a homemade dip to snack on (try cottage cheese and fresh chopped chives whizzed in the blender or even creme fraiche, on tsp mango chutney (1 syn) and chilli powder).

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrots also work well with above dip.

Could you make an SW quiche full of your fave stuff (i have bacon, mushrooms, red onion, peppers and he cheese)

Wrap ham around sw homemade coleslaw....

People couldn't believe i was lsoing weight eating this at work last year (then i went on holiday to rhodes fell pg and stopped going but am back again!)

Good Luck xx
I've looked back on my food menu and on Wednesday i had 18.5 syns, Thursday 20 syns and today so far 12!!!

I dunno what your complaininga bout, looks like what my food diary does! and is your syns are all reasonably low every other day of the week then i dont see a problem!

if you dont usually use many syns anyways, maybe it will make a better difference to your weight loss. When i eat hardley any sysn i always stay teh same or loose a half a pound! Eating syns reguarly does help!

really, i think you should stop fretting.. plan ahead and just enjoy your night out, no point going if your gunna be feeling guilty and stressed about it! your doing ever so well.. and should eb proud of how far youv come. Half pound is stilla loss and its better than nothing ( i realise that you may already know this and it doesnt make you feel any better, but you'd be more upset if you'd gained!)

i say, stop paniking, enjoy yourself and appriciate how far youv come and enjoy your new lease on life.

untill WI you just wont know, you know how to make smart choices, but you also ahve to enjoy yourself..

*hugs* xxxxxxxxxxxxx


I will succeed!!!
I'm dreading Tuesday WI too sweetie - so we can dread together. I'm having a pooey week so I know how you feel. Hugs to you and hope it goes better than expected. And if we're feeling pooey together we can sort it out together! So chin up chuck and let me know how you get on xxxx
Ok, iv just realised my post might ahve sounded a bit hard :eek: lol

I thought i'd just come back and inform you, that my syns have been high some days, and low on others, and i drank about a gazzilion syns last friday to celebrate my new qualification, so im also not greatly looking forward to Wi on wednesday eve.. BUt i know that i tried my hardest to make good choices when i could, and that by enjoying myself and not fretting about teh damage i could have potentially done, i will not be absoloutly devestated come Wi if i ahve put on, or stayed the same.. atleast i knwo its my own fault and i enjoyed doing it. & il just be more determined for the week ahead then.

*good luck for Wi hun* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Fern - dont worry , after your message it put a smile on my face - i'm trying not to worry about it :) !!!

Sticky - Thank you hun, hugs back - what time is your WI, mines not until 5.30pm, wish you all the luck in the world :D

Alyce xxx :D


I can do this............
good luck for tomorrow ladies i weigh tomaorrow too!! My week started off really well and then went seriously off track saturday night!! never mind! No one is perfect!!!


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Went swimming on friday after work, did 24 lenths in 25-35 min, then was bought a fish butty after!!!! :(
But hey ho - didnt drink as much as i thought i would, but i enjoyed myself - so long as i havent put on 7lbs i'll be happy!! lol :D
Good luck to you too hun :) x
Fern - dont worry , after your message it put a smile on my face - i'm trying not to worry about it :) !!!


Alyce xxx :D

Thats okay then :D lol.. Sometimes i think i can come across like i dont understand.. sometimes people assume i dont know how difficult it is just because im almost at target, and its like.. hello? do you think it was easy for me?! LOL

i think my whole sw journey has taught me, never give yourself a bad relationship with food by beating yourself up for what you'v already done.. Enjoy it, learn from it, and remember that if you didnt like it.. dont have it next time u decide to treat urself LOL

Feeling guilty about it wont shift the weight ( no matter how bad u feel LOL) i wish the world worked that way!

Hope your feeling better gorgeous



I will succeed!!!
Fern - dont worry , after your message it put a smile on my face - i'm trying not to worry about it :) !!!

Sticky - Thank you hun, hugs back - what time is your WI, mines not until 5.30pm, wish you all the luck in the world :D

Alyce xxx :D

5.30pm too hun - first WI ever I've not been excited to go. But best to know either way so I can cheer in relief or fix it hehe.

Good luck too xxx
sorry its early in the morning for me lol but surely you have done ok staying within your total syn allowance?

what have you been allocated for the week? i am on seventy.


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Morning guys :)

Got weighed last night - had butterflys and everything!

And i've lost 3lbs!!!!!

AGGGGHHH!!! :eek:

Over the moon!!!

Total loss to date: 1stone 6lbs in 8 weeks EAK!!!


Thankyou all for the fab support!!! :)



Going From Flab to FAB!
Yay well done! .......... I hate the standing in line feeling! lol well done xx
well done!!

I only lost a lb....... rubbish!

Must do better this week....

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