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Dreaming at night of ....

food! I know its a bit strange but I keep dreaming of food and even stranger I can taste every flavour in detail - last night it was a peperami and I haven't had one of those in years!!:p

LT must be playing with my mind because several times now I've woken up panicking that I've succumbed and given into temptation:devilangel:

Anyone else dreaming of food - literally??
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you really dont want to know what my dreams are about? x
go on...give me a good laugh!!
id be banned from here but involves all the women on this site lol x
Ooooooh errrrr missus!!!!

Well that'll take my mind of food!!!!!! Lol!!!



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i dream about the weirdest things - one that springs to mind is having an argument with my boyf in a supermarket cos he wanted to by the 'caramac' chocolate instead of the 'bubbly' kind!! i mean...wtf :eek:

He finds it hilarious when i wake up and am still mad at him too lol


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My smell has improved i can smell KFC, Pasties and all savoury food which is really odd cos my problem is CHOCOLATE........ not dreaming yet though xxx

rainbow brite

Can't say I've dreamed about food, well not that I remember anyway! Tend to forget my dreams pretty sharpish :(


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I never dream about good stuff!!
Seriously, in all my life I have never dreamt about food or sex!! And I never sleep more than 2 hrs without waking for a minute or two, and I remember my dreams. My dreams are usually fear filled, like bad movies. Waiting in fear for an unknown terror to come. Or I dream there's mice or moths in my room, and wake up sweating. Or I wake up thinking the apartment is a mess, get up to tidy it, and realise it's fine after all.
Tell me I'm not the only one who has crap dreams?

Had my first dream of food last night actually!! Dreamt I ate a Mars Egg thing that was in the fridge, and I was standing beside myself in the dream saying... what are you eating that for?? Its disgusting!!!... Never had a Mars egg in my life...lol!!!
Hi Guen - you are not on your own. I have had bad dreams all my life. I am 43 years old and sleep with the light on (OH turns it off when I am asleep) AND you will never convince me that there's nothing under the bed......


Getting married July 2011
I'm so glad I'm not odd!
It got worse for me the year before last when I woke up with mice in the bed with me!!! It was my first night home after a holiday, and a chocolate had been left in the bed by a 'thoughtful' younger sibling before I left and they were eating it. The house was undergoing some serious work at the time, guess that's why they got in. I woke up with the feel of them, and fresh droppings beside me!! Didn't sleep for 4 days!

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