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dreaming of food aahhhhhh help


Positivity is the key
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Hi Peppapig,
You are about to be in ketosis any time now and the feeling for food will leave you. For now throw the leftovers straight in the bin, don't even think about that, just bin them the minute he finishes them. By the end of next week you won't even think twice about what you are giving him. You will open sweets, crisps, peel apples, hand out grapes and not think about what it is that you did. I feel ketosis is like a state of hypnosis, you recognise all these foods but it doesn't cross your mind to put them in your mouth. You may of course get the odd craving but you will be so enthused by the progress you make, it won't dawn on you to cave in.
Wishing you the best of luck.


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Hi Peppapig,

you will feel it was worth it when you go for your weigh in. keep going. as soon as he has finished his meal straight into the bin or if for some reason you cant put load of salt over the leftovers! that will stop you.
cant wait to hear about your weight loss.


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Hi Peppapig

I think you will find that most of us have dreams about food...sometimes nightmares!! I think it is side effect of LT :) So, dont worry.

Like the others said, once you get weighed this will spur you on and you will want to keep going for your 2nd weigh in, then third, etc....

I know for me, I have felt quite liberated not eating. I even now enjoy cooking and making lovely meals for my husand, because I know I wont be tempted to eat them when they are naughty...really strange phenomenon almost. Food isnt an enemy any longer or a threat.

You will eventually have your goal firmly in your mind that nothing will stop you from getting there....

I too get rid of any leftovers straight away.....damage limitation I suppose.

Good luck with your WI.


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Hiya, This is the hard part once you get into to ketosis it will be easier.
I have a dream at the weekend that I ate 2 chocolate biscuits and woke up all disappointed in myself until I realised I was dreaming. (I haven't cheated once.) So was very relieved.

You can get through this, I used to keep drinking water and had a few early night on my first week.
Good luck.
thanks all, first week is now over and I am feeling better have just gone for my second weeks of shakes looking at my baby sleeping makes me realise why I am doing this he deserves a healthy mum.xxxx


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squirt washing up liquid over cooking pots or leftovers :)

i did that first time i made my choc fudge birthday cake for a friend, just in case i was tempted to stick my snout in the bowl!!


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Hiya peppa pig!

Yep I got very vivid food dreams too!!

The only advice i can give is hang in there! and Black coffee was my saviour throughout my journey!!


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I dreamt I ate a load of toast my first week and was really cross with myself until I realised it was only a dream. I have actually found myself more interested in cooking well for OH and kids since starting LT almost like its some kind of test that I can pass. isnt that wierd? anyone else found this?

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