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Dreaming of food.


Loves the jobs you hate!
Day one yesterday.

My partner & I both woke up this morning, and it appeared we both had similar dreams. About FOOD!

I dreamed about furious whisking and lush takeaway food.

She dreamed about eating a whole box of chocolates until she was sick!

Has anyone else experienced food related dreams?
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Hey indie

I think alot of people have experienced the food dreams! Its great because I can eat in a world that is not reality lol, whats weird though is that I feel really guilty in my dreams if I eat in them and wake up paranoid as hell! :D


Loves the jobs you hate!
Lol. Very true!

Ive also noticed that my pee has a stong smell of.... sugar puffs! Which also makes me feel hungry every time I go to the loo, which is bloody loads! Arghh!!



Success leads to success
lol, a little too much information indie- but made me chuckle. You need to laugh on this diet!

Yes I think the toilet considers me as its new best friend- it sees me enough times! :D
Mmmmmm, we're a friendly bunch but some things ........... Lol!!!!!

Dream cheating - very common on LT. I remember the first time I dream cheated, I woke in a sweat worried I'd cheated for real!!!! Alas I didn't choose something so nice to cheat with - cold food on an airline trolley!!!! I can only think it was because we'd just got back from holiday.

Another time I dreamt I had a packet of crisps but coz I didn't want to eat them I licked each one then fed it to someone - can't remember who though!!!!!

As long as we only dream cheat we're okay!!!

Gosh, I dream about food all the time! Sometimes I wake up feeling absolutely dreadful that I might have cheated before I realise I haven't! But, nice to be eating in some dimension, eh? ;-)


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