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dress sizes quick question

when i started LL i was a size 18/20 my daughter was 16weeks old. well i have now lost 3stone 2lb and im still in sixe 18 jeans even though they are a little big i can not fit into 18jeans at primark but dont want to buy any from other shops as they are more expensive and dont want to waste money when they wont fit me.

has anyone else found they are not going down too good in sizes despite the weight loss or was i just wearing the wrong sixe in the first place.

although i didnt have tight clothes on as i was pregnant before hand.

on a good note top half i have gone down plenty of sizes borrowed my mums top other day and she is a size 10lol wahoo. i looked like a different person in mirror
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First off, well done on that fantastic loss! :D

So, obviously, I am not a woman, and so I can't directly help you.
BUT I will say this, everyone has their natural size, based on your bones structure and muscle mass. Just becuase you have lost weight doesn't automatically mean you are going to shrink a size on one particular part of your body (by talking about your jeans I assume you are referring to you legs/hips/bottom?), especially if you didn't have much fat on those areas to begin with.

The fact that you have had to get much smaller tops shows that you loss has been from your top-half of your body, and I'm guessing that you've generally got a pear-shape now (if my terminology is correct :p ), right?

I know in my case, I'm never going to get down to less than an XL in a shirt, regardless of how much I lose, as anything in an L simply won't stretch over my broad shoulders. It could be a similar style thing with your hip bone or leg muscle structure.

All I'm saying is, don't get yourself down just because you are wearing the same jeans - if you've lost that much weight, you are undoubtably looking SO much better! :)

And if I've missed your point completely, sorry!
I do try and enlighten myself to things female in a hope to relate, but I can only learn so much as a "simple man" :p
no your prob right and my mum keeps saying with only having my daughter not that long ago it takes a full year for your hips and pelvis to go back to how it was before my pregnancy im so chuffed with the weight loss but you have cheered me up now thanks


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I think it just depends on your shape. Ive not lost as much as you but have gone down 1 size. I get my jeans from Next and have size 14 & 16 from when I was putting on weight. ive been wearing 18s but tried on my 16s the other day and they fit perfectly. I have to say Primarks clothes range ALOT in one size. I had a size 12 dress on from there and I AM NOT a size 12........ yet. Your body changes so much after having a baby.

You have done really well so stick with it and even if you dont want to buy new clothes, do as I do and try on loads of clothes in shops, its great fun and costs nothing!

Do you get measured in class? I have lost quite a few inches so thats a good measure to show your shrinking.


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OMG, isn't it strange how parts of your body lose weight a lot faster than others? I'm a little the same. My boobs and legs go first and eventually the tummy follows! I am a bit of an hourglass shape. It may take a while, but you will get down those sizes. I'm considering excercise to try and work on the tummy this time round!

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yeah we do get measured and i have lost 16inches so far i think would have to check my book for def. i think its more with having my daughter and like you say primark clothes vary alot. i know i muct be losing it cos i got a dress on last week size 14 its from newlook wore it for my hubby's 18th years ago but love the dress and never wanted to get rid of it.


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Wasnt there talk of the people who make clothes for Primark getting the tags mixed up? I'm sure i heard something about that!!? They were just sewing any tag into the clothes, didn't matter what size it was!!

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