Dried chopped garlic & other herbs & spices...

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Just wondering can I have them (in the soups not the shakes!!)
I know I can add pepper a little salt, chilli, tobasco but was wondering about other seasonings...
Thanks for the help!
Tabasco has never been allowed on CD. It used to be on LL then they stopped it as there are things in there that can affect ketosis.

Unless the rules on this have been relaxed I still will say no to tabasco.

Tabasco is now a no on LL.

I used to use it all the time on LL but always wondered as it is obviously full of salt whether it was a good idea.

ok so no salt, tabasco or garlic then!!
Is chilli ok? I've been adding it to all my soups...
hiya Anna

I have been using chilli flakes with no change in weight loss and apparantly is speeds up ur metabolism also!!!

I see ya got through yesterday anyway, a big well done!!! have you decided what you are going to do re house move and cd??

Gen xx
Hi Gen!
Yes I did get through yesterday & even though today is only day 2/3 (day 3 officially starts after 2.30pm when I had my first pack!) I feel more positive today... doubt I'm in ketosis yet but have bought the stix so will do a test as soon as I feel the 'urge' which should be soon by the amount of water I've already drunk!!

I read through some of Moose's blog last night & it is truely inspirational, I was half tempted to use the move as an excuse & 'give up' but I am so motivated now!!!
If I have to eat (ie invited to a restaurant) then I will have meat (no sauce) & veg or salad without any sauce, no drink & absolutely NO carbs... otherwise I don't plan to eat at all...

How are you doing girl?
Anyone know what 1g of surry powder looks like by any chance?
I mean is it around half a teaspoon or what???
Sorry, no scales in my house!!
Hi, My CDC says its ok to have the red tabasco, chilli, garlic granules, oregano, paprika and curry powder (haven't asked her about anything else.)

I have a tomato soup every evening with either about a teaspoon of curry powder in it, or a soup with about a teaspoon of garlic granules and oregano or tabasco. Ive been in ketosis all along and lose around 3 or 4 lb a week.

Its so confusing...now people are saying i can't have the 'seasonings'

What to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm gonna try the curry powder at lunch time - i think it'll help me find the mushroom soup more appealing!! :)