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Dried protein (soya)

I saw this somewhere recently - can't remember where..ooh think it was on mysupermarket.com if I remember right...

it looked like pot noodle bits without the noodles...or dehydrated quorn mince :)

"interesting" stuff...x
Apparently it's 100% soya (I know there are some carbs in there - about a third - but the guidelines are 25gr/soya per person, so I don't think it's too bad). I think I'll try it.

I was thinking of bolognaise sauce to stuff tomatoes/peppers/courgettes with. Would make a change from 'proper' mince (and handy to have as a standby).

It's only for husband and I, so even if it's just so-so, we'll stomach it! I'll let you know.
Yup, pot noodle or the 'cluster' cereals. I've only ever had one pot noodle - maybe it has the same taste as these things!


Dukan Ancestor!!
I think I read in the 'the book' that it's not allowed - at least not like other proteins in Cruise. Not revisited that subject since, also I'm not so fond of it... Make sure you soak it well in nice tasty stock first, and do use it in a flavourful base like bolognese or chilli...

Found it on Dukanaute: it's a tolerated item, not permitted in attack and 1 dose is 50gr (dry or cooked is not specified)
Thanks Anja!

I'd probably only have it once a week anyway (if that) as it's only to stuff veg with.
As anja says it needs a lot of liquid, so its really good in chilli,
Quorn frozen mince is much nicer (but more expensive) and works for meals with less broth.
i used to eat loads of it years ago as its cheap was nice in chillis and spagbol make sure you seson well , but i fed it to the \OH on occasions and he didnt mind it too much ...could tell you bout the dukan friendliness
Well, we had it last night. We found it a bit tasteless (soaked it in chicken stock with a bit of curry spice mixed in, but all we got was the spicy taste, so it obviously doesn't taste of much on it's own) but it was definitely edible and the texture was fine.

Husband is happy to eat it again:D. Can I give it to the kids?
yeah mine have it ....when we go to festival i have taken it and thekids have eaten it ...like i say it does need seasoning ...sorry cant spell today !!!
lol its a great store cupboard ration just incase ...i used to use it for chilli all the time
Sorry to bring it up again but I'm still hopeful that soya can be incorporated in some way for me because I really love it!

In particular, Tesco do their own Meat Free Vegetarian Mince which is far superior to Quorn mince in my opinion. I also love Quorn Chicken Style Pieces.

Has anyone managed to successfully use these instead of beef mince and chicken? It would be music to my ears! Thanks!
I'm sure once on cruise, you could use as a tolerated food? Maybe the other (block) soya is allowed rather than tolerated? There's not much here (France) in the soya dept at supermarkets so I don't know much about it at all.

The dried stuff was fine though. I wouldn't choose it every day, but once a week is OK.
But youre on conso, the dried isnt a good idea on cruise its too high in carbs.

Tofu is allowed, quorn is allowed in limited quantites (the amount mentioned in his chat was about 1.5 sausges worth, I have 2 though).

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