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drink more water challenge!

I am my own worst enemy for not drinking enough water and its proven that by drinking more you boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and burn off more fat so it makes sense to down a lot more of it!

Does any one want to join me in the challenge?

I am going to try to drink 3lts a day total of 21ltrs a week!
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I know I hate it but I have started filling 500ml bottles up with very weak juice I find them much easier to drink!


Spring Challenge!
I tend to find I have good and bad days with water. When I am at work I will sit with a litre bottle on my desk. I normally get through two of these, sometimes a little more.

I will drink a cup of warm water in the morning, and a couple in the evening as I am preparing a meal.

I think I need to up my intake over the weekends and decrease the intake of coffee!


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That's a nice challange;)

I don't have problems drinking water but I wasn't always like that. Anyway, since I started drinking 2-4 litres of water a day my skin improved a lot, cellulite decreased and I'm less puffy. I started doing it 5 years ago and I won't go back never.

Yes, I pee several times a day and wake up twice every night to pee but it doen's bother me anymore. Now it's like second nature;)

It feels hard during the first weeks/months but atfer a while it becomes a very natural habit.

I tend to drink water in pints, how many pints is 3 litres (sorry if Im being dense)
Hiya, I think it's roughly 2 pints for a litre. I bought a 1.5L bottle and just keep filling it up with tap water. I can drink one but I'm finding it hard to get through two..must try harder. I've drank one today and have spent most of the day in work running to the loo!. That's good motivation, Aline..anything that makes me less puffy would be a miracle.


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Thank-you :) I think I can prob manage 6 pints a day Im a water drinker anyway(I hate fizzy drinks) but I do love my coffee too.
Im trying to cut back on coffee anyway (for cal sake) so If I replace alot of my coffee with water should do it. Not looking to coffee withdraw headaches tho :(


Will be a skinny mini!
Im with u on the challenge how many are u going for a day? Im drinking 2L a day but the having my shakes on top
My shakes are made with water so would the water in the shakes count or do I need 3litres on top of the shakes?


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My shakes are made with water so would the water in the shakes count or do I need 3litres on top of the shakes?
Well, I count the herbal teas and lemonades I drink; but I don't count the soups... I never make shakes so I'm not sure if I would count them.

If it's a small shake only once a day it doesn't help much but if the shakes have lots of water I think they're worth to count for the 3 litres ;)
Well on measure up I have to make the shakes with just the powder and 250ml of water twice a day so I suppose it might count
oooh i'm not sure if it does count, all i know is that we need a certain amount of water a day to boost metabolism and hydrate our cells, so i guess your getting that in your shakes! you could include your shakes and maybe add on some water as extra?

I have to admit i have been awful today and have only managed about 900mls!!! and i feel dreadful for it so i am getting back on it tomorrow for sure! keep up the good work peeps! Are we wanting to shout here what you drank yesterday and kind of record it like that? so tomorrow you all post what you drank today?


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It's half a litre of water (1/6 of the daily water), I think it counts too;)

I'm in.... I'll start tomorrow if you promise to pat me on the back when I do it lol... I'll post at 8 pm tomorrow to let you know... 3 litres yeah let's do it ! X

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