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drinking alcohol


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I was drinking on Saturday night. Had a sandwich and salad for lunch to knock me out of ketosis. Was at Take That show so it was chips and burger van a couple of times. didnt manage much for my brekkie but had the munchies for a couple of days.
My CDC has been on hol and saw her today for first time in 3 weeks. Up til Sat i was doing really well and had lost approx 8lbs. Having had my 'night off' when i weighed in today i had only lost 4lbs. Have a great night but make sure you really really want to stop SSing as it is very hard to get back into it again.


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Do you really want to knock yourself out of ketosis,because even when you have the best of intentions its so hard to get back into it,im speaking from experience.
is it a special occasion?just think long and hard before you decide anything ok.


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Do you really want to knock yourself out of ketosis,because even when you have the best of intentions its so hard to get back into it,im speaking from experience.
is it a special occasion?just think long and hard before you decide anything ok.
Have to agree here. It can be very very hard to get back on the CD wagon afterwards. My experience anyway after coming off for an event.

If you do plan to drink alcohol then apart from definitely having to be out of ketosis first, don't forget that after 4 weeks of no alcohol, you have no tolerance level and will not be able to drink at the same level you maybe did previously without it being extremely risky.

Sorry if it's not what you want to hear but this is an area that you really do need to be very careful IMO,

Lacey xx:)


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It's my husbands 40th birthday on the 4th July and we are going out for a meal........it will be my Add a Meal week so will be having a chicken salad and ask for no dressing on it etc. I was going to drink but I've decided not to! I really do think that if I have a drink it will throw me off the wagon and I'm afraid that I won't get back into it again! xxx

I used to be a big drinker and drink 2 or 3 times a week so it wasn't a easy decision for me as I do miss my glass of wine but for the sake of one night, I don't really think it's worth it! xxx


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If you can avoid it thats the best way but if youve made up your mind you are going to then stick with fish, chicken veg etc and to knock yourself out of ketosis go for some potato or brown pasta/rice before. Maybe do 1000 plan on the day. Basically the more you limit your carbs the sooner you will get back into ketosis after, so if you can stick to vodka with the least sugary mixer you can that would be best.
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This is just my experience and in no way am I saying do this because I have read so many times about people going off plan and finding it hard to get back on. I went off plan a few weeks ago to go to Ireland for a friends wedding - had 3 days completely off plan not gorging myself but lots of alcohol was consumed. In 3 days I gained 10lbs or so. The following week it all came back off and some more so although it is very difficult to get back on plan when you have had a break it is possible. Hope this helps xxx


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I did the same.. Had 4 days off plan, for a weekend away to Portugal, ate healthily, BBQ'd chicken and Fish and salads.. but did nick 4 of my sisters chips. But the worst of it, was the coktails, I had them all, it was like this was my last chance for a long while to have a drink. Got on scale's on Monday morning when I returned and gained 7lb, got 6 of that off but the following week. But, as with Badger I'd look at limiting yourself to just a cpl of vodka and diet coke's, surely would be ok. Enjoy your night and get straight back on plan the morning after. xxx
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Not only is it hard to get back on the wagon, you also have to think it will set you back a week to re-lose the weight you put on, especially alcohol weight as your body will burn the alcohol as energy rather than your fat, but you will have spent the £30 odd for the week for nothing, so will also be a very expensive evening too.


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Bagpuss ok to message you?


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I talked about this with my CDC last night. I have a night out planned mid July - we talked about how I could come out of ketosis and have a drink but have thought about it and the desire to lose weight is so much stronger than the desire to drink - so, I think I will be driving! x
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Ive found this thread really useful - just different opinions/advice etc

I have my birthday 8th July and Hen do 1st August, typically whatever diet id be on my birthday would be a naughty time - but this year im keeping on this diet, no booze nothing, theres always next year.

I am coming off plan for my hen do - firstly i plan on it being my only hen do, secondly, im going home to scotland for it, and theres a lot of things i miss from home ive not had for so long, so itll be an extra special treat that way! I see an occassion like this weekend as one im not prepared to not eat, drink and be merry with friends - also my friends are putting in a lot of time and effort planning it, and i want to enjoy everything.
Some really interesting posts here. I'm having the same dilemma too as going on hols in 2 weeks, but the more I read the more I'm thinking of just sticking to my water!!! My CDC has suggested doing 1000 cal a day for this time as I could include the odd glass of wine and hopefully not gain. Good luck with your decision X

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