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drinking before weigh in or not?

I've done exactly the same before every wi to try and keep circumstances the same. In my case that means not drinking anything at all and wearing the same clothes.


not so str8 or narrow!!
i agree - and try to make my apt as early as poss. unfortunately its not till the afternoon this week :(
i agree - and try to make my apt as early as poss.
That's because great minds think alike. ;)
my wi is in an eve but i dont have anything for 2 hrs before my wi time.xx


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I wear the same clothes & WI at the same time each week, unfortunately its an evening so weigh heavier than on a morning.
My WI is between 7 - 8pm so I try have the majority of my water intake by 4pm. I stop drinking around 5.30pm purely because I'd never make it to WI & back without having to stop for a pee!!!

11am is ok. i used to have my wi's at about 12 but never had a shake or water before. and i always weighed the same on cdc's scales as i did mine when i got up and weighed! go without having a thing and then have a shake when you leave cdc's and some water :)
My weigh in is at 11am also and I have a small glass of water when I first wake up and then nothing until after I have been weighed! Then on the bus on the weigh home I down a litre of water and have a bar :)
Bascially your weight fluctuates by 2lbs between morning and evening. I have fought for, and got, a morning WI, usually between 9-10am, and no, I don't even have a sip of water beforehand and I wear the same clothes!


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I don't drink anything but I have a 9.15am WI. Don't go as far as wearing the same the clothes though, surely clothes don't differ that much (saying that I never WI in jeans)
i never really wore the same clothes either. i wouldnt say that matters much. well my weight after drinking 4litres of water could be 4/5 lbs heavier at night that when i weighed 1st thing in the morn!!!


please try again
my weigh in is at 6pm and i stop drinking by 3pm

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