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Drinking water


I WILL be thin!!
I'm starting CD on Monday and know I have to drink a LOT of water. Now, I hate water, tolerate it if I have to, force it down even, but this is going to be hard for me. I'm a coffee freak really. Can I drink flavoured water or is it just plain old boring water?
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Plain old boring water I'm afraid.You can get CD water flavourings after week 2 so that helps.


This is the last time!!
I quite like a nice drink of water actually, but the sheer amount is hard some days.
I use 'sports bottles'...you know, the ones with the sucky cap. I have a 1 litre one of them that I rinse between filling. I know that once I've managed 3 of them I am good for the day. I find it easier drinking from these than a glass for sure. And I prefer water from the fridge too.


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i also hate water but have found that i feel thirsty whish helps and keep my sports bottle with me all the time and i find that i am slipping at it constantly without realising it i am only on day 4 but i have managed the basic 2.5L i hope i manage to ge more down me


swap some of your water for peppermint or green tea?

You get used to the water in next to no time. Honestly.
I'm also not a big lover of water and was dreading having to drink loads. However, although today is only my first day, I have found drinking water so easy as I am so much more thirsty than I usually am. I also am drinking it in smaller 'sports' type bottles and from the fridge. I think as the weather is warmer at the moment, it might not be as bad as you think?


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I like water, but the shear volume is daunting at times. I keep a filter jug in the fridge and keep filling up my glass from that. I drink the water through a straw and that helps me take more of it as I'm not taking in air at the same time. I just constantly sip from the glass... as we aren't getting moisture from regular food we really need to make sure we get the minimum amount of 2.5 l at least.

You'll find that you are constantly thirsty so it won't be too hard to keep drinking. Good luck.


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Before i started this diet i did not drink water at all, even after drinking on a night out i would choose a diet coke first thing in the morning rather than water. But I really enjoy water now and other than the weight loss i am thankful to CD for making me drink water and now really enjoy it.
After a few weeks i really felt my skin condition improved considerably with all the water.

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