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I'm rereading the book and I'm a bit confused about what I'm allowed to drink as it says in the book it has to be 1 cal or under per glass (but what size glass???)

I've been drinking tesco diet lemon and lime as I'm not a great fan of diet coke

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I also drink this sometimes
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I take it to mean per serving eg 250ml which is what most drinks bottles list a serving as, so both of those would be too high. I've gotten diet lemonade from morrisons which is 1 cal per 250ml glass


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Water's pretty good too... I never used to drink water, in my "previous life", but thanks to Dukan I now drink loads! I'm sure that's why a lot of say our complexions have improved since doing this diet.

The rule of thumb is less than 1 cal per 250ml, and no fruit!

In France, both those drinks would be considered too high. And the citric acid in both can sometimes cause a stall.


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It really is habit forming, trust me :D
I like drinking water but it literally goes straight through me! As I'm drinking it I can feel myself needing to wee more urgently, I'll go to the loo then need to go again in 10 minutes even if I've not drunk anymore and am up twice in the night for the loo !
The water passing through you does ease slightly I promise! I've been on 3 litres of water (not including other drinks) a day since Feb and after a while you do feel confident to leave the bathroom for longer periods ;) I, like Maintainer, am a huge water fan. The difference in my skin, cellulite & general well being is incredible!! Really cold fizzy water is a bit of a fave too x

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and water contains no sweetener :) so it's not fuelling your sweet tooths while in Cruise phase... Conso awaits, and a raging sweet tooth when out of ketosis won't help matters so I try to avoid when I can!
Ok I've ditched the lemonade and filled the bottle up with water, my daughter who's 10 wanted to know how much water she should drink a day as she wants to be healthier
My lot (12, 8, 5) have water as their main drink - certainly with main meals and in between. The boys have milk or hot chocolate at breakfast and after school. I don't know quantities, they drain their cups at mealtimes and sometimes refill so that's 500 ml or so, then whatever they have in between. They will have fruit juice if I buy it (but I generally don't because they'll drink a litre between them at breakfast then not drink milk) and do have sugary stuff occasionally. I don't know anyone here who doesn't serve water to their kids at mealtimes.
I think that sounds a good amount. I think at that age it is just great for kids to be in the habit of water drinking without worrying about amounts - kids have a lot more nouse than us adults I think I drinking to thirst is the best thing.
My 2.5 year old is half Algerian & whenever we go over they all think he is a nutter because he wants water instead of juice / fizzy.

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