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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone could tell me if it's ok to drink redbush (rooibos) tea whilst on SS? I've been drinking black coffee so far but its really making my tongue furry! ;)

Also, is it ok to have the sugar free coffee flavouring syrups in black coffee? I was thinking no, but thought I would ask.

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I don't know about the flavourings, but my CDC says redbush tea is fine! x


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Thanks Ellie, that'll keep me going until I can buy the water flavourings!
Hi Nicola, how's it been today? How are you feeling?


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Hi Broxi, it's been a long day! but I'm hanging in there. I'm quite hungry right now so just gulping down the water and trying to remember what the end result of all of the effort will eventually be! How about you?
I'm struggling quite a bit too Nicola. I do feel like my life is on hold and I'm obsessed with the diet and this forum!
The hunger isn't as bad after the first few days but my cravings have been difficult today. Do you have them? I suppose I'm feeling hard done to that I can't eat. That's how this forum's good cos we're all in the same boat.
You wait and see what you lose in just a few days and you'll be amazed though!


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I do generally have cravings, even when I'm not watching what I eat! So far they've been quite controllable but I'm dreading that time of the month, as I turn into a chocolate gobbling demon ;)
I'm definitely looking forward to the first weigh-in to see that it's all been worth it, but I'll probably have a nightmare the day before about not losing any weight. One day at a time!
You'll definitely lose weight Nicola. I go on other diets and don't lose but you will on this. Most people seem to lose half a stone their first week. Anyway, i'm going to bed now. Sleep tight and we'll chat tomorrow if you're about x


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OH MY GOD!!!!! Redbush is ok???? are you sure- I am crazy about the stuff and though it wasn't allowed - been living off black coffee and peppermint tea!!!!!!

Woo!! Thank you!
oh yes im so pleased i found this thread i was wondering about redbush yummy im off to buy some thankyou x


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I've got some redbush too and im going to buy some green tea too. I don't personally like either, both taste like a stale ashtray lol, but need a hot drink on a morning!


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my dad hates redbush too, but I just think it tastes like normal tea but a bit sweet (even without sugar in), which is good. I tried peppermint yesterday and it's ok, but i'm not sold on it yet. Black coffee is yuck but since redbush has no caffeine I'll have to drink a bit of it in the morning :)

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