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droopy face

As a follow up to the other thread on body toners, I was wondering if anyone else has experiences saggy face!!!
My face had gotten very round although in the past (20yrs ago) I had a well defined face and high cheekbones.
Now i sort of have quite deep lines from nose to sides of mouth.. (can see this a bit in my photo) and lots of fine wrinkles around my upper lip (i have never smoked)
I am using a day and night mositurizer which I am also putting on my neck... anyone else any ideas???

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lol at you two.......I use Avon Anew creams, have done wonders on my 'laughter lines' and everyone says I don't look my age (I'm 40 in January and look early 30's......apparently) xx
Hi Tilly,

I don't think the lines from the nose to corner of the mouth is just down to weight gain/loss as I see loads of people who have always been slim with them (probably got them myself). I think it's more to do with loss of collagen as we get older.

I expect when I've lost all my weight I will probably look years older than I do now because the fat is plumping up my skin and filling out the wrinkles, compensating for the loss of collagen.

I'll probably have a face like a screwed up brown paper bag when I reach goal!

Oh dear! Just off to stick my face in a tub of moisturiser!


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I use Dermalogica products on my face, I have horrible skin :cry: I have various Anew products but can't use them they don't suit my skin :rolleyes:


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I have previously used Olay anti wrinkle, however I have started using the bio oil i got for my body on my face. It doesn't make my skin greasy at all, in fact it has evened my complexion out. Since being on CD one of my double chins has gone (a couple more to go) and nothing is sagging at the moment!


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Tilly - I was really suprised with the bio oil, I use it after using a face scrub in the shower. I can even put my day moisturiser over the top and then put make up on and not feel greasy. And generally I have a greasy forehead and nose! Plus if I use some before bed it smells lovely. Let me know how you get on!


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Hannah isn't so daft about the handstands, you know! ;) Inversion therapy is very well-known, and is fantastic for the whole body as it encourages all the blood to flow back up to the head and increases oxygen to the brain, as well as being amazing for the back and 'prolapsed' internal organs (and it's great for the skin and muscles). You can stand on your head, buy a slant board/inversion table or hang upside down using 'gravity boots'.

I've wanted an inversion table for years - but it's knowing where to put it! :eek:

I dont know if this works, but years ago I saw something on TV about facial exercises. You look like a right nut when you are doing them, but when I have done mine, my face feels 'toned' in a used muscles (good) kind of way. Hard to explain. I am hoping these help with my jowls!

2 variations:
Stick your lower jaw out and up as far as you can, so your bottom teeth are meeting your top ones, then smile. Say (or mouth) the vowel sounds A, E, I , O, U slowly. Repeat the vowels a few times. I feel this in my jaws and cheeks.

The other version involves just sticking your bottom jaw outwards and doing the same.

I tend to do these whilst alone!!

If you want a chortle, look in the mirror while you do them.

Take care


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hey jaycee... maybe keep the inversion table in the dungeon with the chains?? hehehe
LOL :p - or I could always use an ironing board propped on the settee (that's the cheapo version! :D)!


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Just been caught doing the facial exercises in the office. hahahahah
Oh well, now we are all doing it.