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  1. JoJo666

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    hello all,
    please dont judge me by this post.

    i have been speakin to one of my best mates today who is unfortunately addicted to cocaine and speed, she thinks that this is the only way to lose weight. i told her about cd and she thinks she cant do it this way because of having this addiction. what im tryin to find out is does cocaine or speed affect this diet??? and also she has said she wants to come off the drugs but wouldnt instantly be able to do it till she saw some results from this.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    shes a great mate, shame shes hit rock bottom

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  3. kelly1976

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    Hi JoJo,
    I don't know any of the ins and outs regarding what happens with cd and affects it may have, I'm replying as my brother had an addiction (8 years heroin and 2.5yrs alcohol) and i'm concerned that she is now using her weight as an excuse for taking these drugs when really she is taking them because she has become depandant. Before starting any type of diet I would think that she really needs to address her addiction. I hope what you say is true and she has hit 'ROCK BOTTOM' because until then nothing will change.
    You must be a really good friend to be trying to help her but she would be better off going to a drug advisory service. It will be hell for her and worrying about her weight will be a minor thing in her life, there will be bigger demons to face!!
    I hope all goes well for her, and I'm only speaking from experience.
    Take care Kelly
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  4. JoJo666

    JoJo666 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    thankyou so much mate. weve been mates for years and ill always be there for her but i cant stand 2 see her go through this anymore, shes breaking my heart and she knows it. im so scared im going to wake up and find her dead.
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  5. Kangy

    Kangy Full Member

    Hi jojo- no better advice then that given by Kelly but just wanted to say thank goodness she has you for a mate.

    Hope it all works out ok.

    K xx
  6. Gemma

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    would think mixing the two would be a big problem, the prblem with coke and speed is that your heart rate increases to a stupid level and considering if doing ss your body is focussing all its energy on that, taking drugs that effects yur heart rate could be a very bad idea.

    Hope this helps in some way been through the same problem myself and it jus doesn't seem like a good risk
  7. AngieBabie

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    I don't think that any CDC would take her onto the programme until she had come off these drugs. What a shame that she has had to resort to this to help her lose weight. Just keep being the good friend that you are, your friendship and love may be just the thing to help her break this addiction. Angela x
  8. JoJo666

    JoJo666 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    i hope so x
  9. Coley

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    Oh...I dunno. I doubt a CDC would be able to know...I never really as my lot...are you addicted to any illegal drugs? Not so easy to slip into conversation.

    I have to agree with Kelly....the weight isn't really the problem. I mean....we all had/have a weight problem...we're not all on those drugs. She needs to get that sorted first.

    Good luck to her!!

    She's lucky to have you Jo jo.

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