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Dry mouth anyone...?

Hi all, just wondered if anyone else has got a dry mouth since starting CD? I have a very dry mouth, and almost metallic kind of taste. It does make me drink loads of water though, which is good, but I constantly feel thirsty! I'm always off to the loo, lol.

I've got some meetings coming up next week at the office and I dont know how I'm going to manage them. If I dont drink all my water, I'll be hungry instead but otherwise I will be bursting for the toilet. It's kind of frown upon walking out mid-presentation and sometimes we even work through lunch. It's going to be a toughie :rolleyes:
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Well that my love means you are in ketosis! one of the classic signs. I thought mine has gone but I think I am just use to the taste now! good luck :D
I had that too and I felt my mouth was like a sewer! It was much worse this time round on CD for me! Day 7 and it's a lot better today. I found brushing my teeth during the course of the day helped.
Hi, I also am conscious of goin to the loo so much at work! I'm sure my office must think I've either got problems with my 'water-works' or am pregnant! I am hoping that I may adjust to the amount of water, or I may try and drink the bulk of it once I'm home from work.
Thanks everyone, I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I can't brush my teeth all day at work, but I suppose I'll just have to carry on drinking water. Glad to hear I'm in ketosis and am aware another possible side effect is bad breath. I keep asking my boyfriend if I have, but he just jokes and says I stink, so I never know if I really do or not, lol. I have heard that your body gets used to all that water after awhile and you dont need to go to the loo quite as often :)

First weigh-in tonight, can't wait!!!! x


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i brush my teeth about 4 times a day, twice at work, drink water like its going out of fashion and carry a mouth spray! My dry mouth has never gone away on this diet :(

Yep, I use the mouth spray too...or a few chews on some sugar free gum. In a way I find it reassuring and proof of ketosis......there again I work from home and don't have to breathe on anyone!!
Will definitely buy some mouth spray then, good advise! :)

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