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Dry Mouth


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I am on day 2, and woke up with a really dry mouth, have had 1 500ml bottle of water already, but no matter how much i drink, i cant get rid of the dryness, is this normal? i know the more water you drink is better, but already im feeling bloated with drinking it so quick, but its not helping my dry mouth, any suggestions?
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I have the yuckiest taste in my mouth this morning :S - I'm on day 5 now. Have you tried chewing gum for a few mins??


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chewing gum isnt recommended...so i now carry around with me a breath freshener and tooth brush and toothpaste....i'm on week 6 and the dryness is still with me, but then i'm a smoker as well so that might make it worse.
Instead of glugging the water down, try to have sips more frequently to see if that helps.
I usually end up drinking about 4/5l a day for various reasons but my weight losses have been really good so i dont mind doing it now.
Hope it sorts itself out soon hun!


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I'm suffereing with a really dry mouth too. I've been chewing gum quite a lot. Not that fond of gum but just for a few minutes helps and i'm worried about bad breath.
BelleYid, glad to hear lots of water is helping weight loss i'm trying to get through about 5 litres a day just now.


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Get the listerine strips. They are fab and allowed. if you are in ketosis it is unlikely that your dry/bad breath will go away. It is a side affect of every low carb diet, not jut CD. good luck


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Yep, I get the dry mouth too.....I keep minty breath spray in my pocket and brush my teeth more often to freshen up.
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I siffered really bad dry mouth for 4-5 weeks, All I did was drink more water. My mouth was so dry that I had the constant feeling of a hair in my mouth day and night then one morning I woke up and it had gone. I'm just starting my 8th week now.


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Hi, I had a dry mouth for the first 2 weeks, really more a dry tongue. I used to call it carpet tongue because it felt like I had been licking a carpet (not that I have ever licked a carpet lol) for it to get that dry and furry. I too like the lady above woke up one morning to find it had gone which was much to my relief. I still occasionally get a bit of a dry tongue but nothing like those first weeks. Hope it goes soon. Zoe xx


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I sufferered to at the beginning but used fresh mouth spray and drunk lots of water it will pass very soon.
Good luck your doing great x


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Sucking ice cubes can bring temporary relief...but the coated tongue and dryness does pass eventually. x x
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I have also been suffering with the hair in the mouth feeling. I only seem to get it late in the day, and when I go to bed, it often makes me cough as if there reallly is hair in there! I guess it just goes with the territory.


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yeah its given me a tickly cough too :sigh: gonna stick with it though :D
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hi there, the waking up with a super dry mouth lasted 3 and a half weeks with me, now its fine. I do carry around Boots dry mouth spray - they do it next to the tooth pastes and breath fresheners, few squirts and it helps - not loads but a bit - it also has breath freshener in as well so helps with the bad breath cd leaves you with as well


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S: 14st11lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.56%)
Glad i've read this thread again as i've been trying to hook a hair from the back of my mouth for 3 days!


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i am glad i read this to as i have the carpet tongue effect going on yucky

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