Dukan Diet Cruise


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They are promoting this on Facebook at the minute. Just wondered what you thought of it and whether you would go on a Dukan cruise :D

Taken from the DD website:

"It [the cruise] brings together people from all different countries who want to do a weight-loss therapy on one ship and on the Mediterranean sea - the sea that is the cradle of civilisation, where fish, vegetables and yoghurt come from.
On board the Msc Fantasia will be a team of highly skilled chefs, dieticians, sports coaches and physiotherapists and so on.

A whole programme has been devised to make sure that you relax, enjoy yourself and learn something, that you are physically active and walk, that you visit and marvel at the many wonders of the Mediterranean etc.
At the same time, you will enjoy some glorious food while shedding your unwanted pounds.
You can do all this surrounded by others who also want to have a good time, be open and share their experiences. And of course, I'll be joining in the party too, as I present talks about my method to people who have faith in me."

I think it sounds good! Have always wanted to do a cruise, and if only dukan food is served even better!
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There's no indication of prices, just a number to phone for more information.


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That sounds like great fun! Although I would be doing some v. hard dukanning to look good in my swimming cossie before the cruise, hahaha!


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I'd love to beable to go on something like this, espesh if I could meet up with you lot! :D But, if the price of Dr.D's coaching website is anything to go by..........................:eek:
Jackie xx


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:It's a lovely idea - holiday with Dukan friendly food :) but I dread to think of the cost :(


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Sounds lovely. Here's some more info...

There are themed cruises for epicureans and oenophiles (that’s lovers of food and wine to you and me), for jazz aficionados, ballroom fans and more.
And now there is a diet-themed cruise.
French nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan, the man behind the Dukan Diet, will be on MSC Cruises’ MSC Fantasia in the Med next January and February, with a posse of nutritionists, dieticians and even a specialist physician.
All will be dispensing dietary advice to passengers concerned with weighty issues. They’ll get a diet kit and personal health assessment, and be given tips on what to eat and an exercise programme.
They can also join workshops on how to lose weight (hopefully more use than the ones I’ve heard in ships’ spas), as well as cookery demonstrations, lessons and conferences.
Even selected shore excursions and city walking tours during the cruise will form part of the scientifically-structured diet programme.
The 11-day cruise, roundtrip from Genoa and visiting Barcelona, Casablanca, Tenerife, Funchal in Madeira, Malaga and Civitavecchia, is from January 30 to February 10 2012 with prices from £579 per person cruise-only.
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I wanna go!! Not sure about a European cruise in Jan/Feb - rough seas however would keep the weight down!!!! LOL! Think I would prefer it on solid ground in a lovely spa!!! x


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I agree with Trudy...
I could also think of nothing worse than being stuck on a boat with people I mightn't want to be with! haaaaa! My father loves cruising - he's 80. I rest my case! (Also some of the stories ref "add ons" on normal cruises, and the obligatory tipping policy would annoy me too much and I'd probably start a "peasant's revolt" on board ;))


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Think the MSC ship is pretty big (2000 passengers?) so you could lose tedious fellow guests if you chose....!

A Dukan cruise would make life easier for food choices if you were in cruise, it could be tricky finding the right kind of dishes on a regular menu. Assuming of course that the chefs were doing that. We are going on a cruise in March but I should be in stabilisation by then so shouldn't be too difficult to stay out of trouble by then.


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Not entirely serious alternative cruise suggestion

I lost weight on a cruise once...

I did a stint crewing a sailing ship in the North Atlantic a few years ago - 4 hours on, 4 hours off, hauling ropes, climbing rigging, steering through storms - cold, wet, long, rough.

The cook on the ship was superb (if you could keep it down!) and their was lots and lots off it; we were supposed to try and eat 4000 calories a day to keep going.

I did manage to keep most of it down - and I lost (a bit) of weight.

No problem with irritating passengers - we were all too tired to get annoyed with each other!