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Dukan diet


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:cry:Atkins seems to have stopped working for me, I am gaining and losing the same two pounds and going nowhere!

So, after much thought and deliberation I am going to try the Dukan diet. In a lot of ways it is similar to Atkins, just without the fat :8855:

I shall be on here because I would miss you all if I were to leave, so you are stuck with me anyway. Hopefully, if this diet works, I will revert to maintenance phase of Atkins.

And Jim - it's only 1 week without greens and then you have loads :D

I'll keep you posted as to whether it is working :rolleyes: x x x
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OK Love, it doesn't work for everyone that's for sure.


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Caz, as you know we have talked about this.

Sad to say as from Monday im moving to Dukan too. Im feeling a bit yacky with all the fat and tbh I need some new motivation.

I wont be leaving you as ill still be on here every day :)

Thanks for all your support so far everyone. And you know you cant get rid of me. (never managed with Linz ;) LOL)
ATM im just eating all my cheese and non Dukan stuff to start on Monday.

Like Caz if all goes well ill be back to do Atkins maintenance, if all goes bad will be back on induction :D

Love you all - made some fab friends on here and will deffo be sticking around.


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FAF dont blame me :D Jim will tell me off. Plus you may not like the look of it. I think its gonna be hard work, but hopefully worth it.! then we can come back to atkins all skinny minnies :D
i have been looking for an alternitive for a while. when i saw the mag article yesterday i kind of made up my mind that i was going to do it. we can still stick around atkins as im sure we have lots of advice to give :D


Loves this site!
Creeps in...........Sorry to say i have a bit of a confession to make. For the last 3 days i have been doing something very similar and i am going to try it with the girls too. It really has given me a boost i needed. I had started getting palpitations and think its due to all the fat im eating on atkins as ive not had any for 3days. I can only echo what the girls have said, Ive had so much support from this forum and want to thank every single one of you for that. I will still linger if you'll let me and maybe i can add on some recipes too! I see this as a short term thing to boost my losses and then come back to maintainance (once i hit target or get pregnant). Why am i getting upset? Im not going for long, i promise. xx


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Look at us all deserting Jim (sort of) have you noticed he hasnt commented since Cazs first. i bet he is off crying somewhere ;)
Oh I'm here Girls, just nothing to comment on really.
Well good luck, girls! I hope your hard work on the Dukan diet will pay off. I know how frustrating it is to have the STS situation all the time.

Get stuck in! xx
Don't worry Jim - I'm still here, with no intentions of going low-fat again!

I can't get over how much better I feel these days. I'm eating low-carb, lots of meat, green veg, eggs... using lots of olive oil, and real cheese. I'm losing weight, inches, and just feeling good. I'm not obsessing over every blessed calorie, and I'm not hungry. If I want to pig out, there's lots of things for me to eat that I enjoy as much as carbs.

I read about the Dukan Diet last month, and I understand it's primarily protein and water. Okay, that might work, but think about this: how long can you live on it? Do you really think lean meat will be palatable without using oil or butter to cook it? Dry eggs? No sauces? I can only think of boring old chicken breasts and pork loin chops with the fat trimmed off... yuck. If I wanted to eat like that again, I'd go back to Weight Watchers, et al, and at least then I could have salad with it.

* okay, since I wrote this, I looked up the article about Dukan - here's a quote:

The phases
- Pure protein attack phase: you only eat protein, i.e. meat, poultry, fish, seafood and fat-free dairy products. This phase lasts for 3 to 10 days depending on your target.

(note from me: Fat Free Dairy products tend to be very high in sugar... not sure who this equates "protein"?

- Cruise phase: like the attack phase, only vegetables are gradually added to the protein. All that's off the menu are starchy foods (potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, lentils, green beans etc). Then you alternate these 2 phases until you reach your desired weight (maximum loss 1kg per week).

- Consolidation phase: you return to normal eating as slowly as possible to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect, reintroducing forbidden foods gradually. Allow for 10 days of consolidation for each kilo lost.

- Stabilisation phase: you eat normally, respecting two golden rules: have a pure-protein day once a week for life, and eat 3 tablespoons of oats and bran per day.

So you can make sauces out of low-fat stuff, and have vegetables on the "cruise" part of the diet, but I still think that all the back and forth is just going to trigger cravings for sugary things. If I stay off sugar, I don't want it. But if I have some, it's a slippery slope... it's all I think about. Not for me, but if you are stronger than me, go for it :)

I know how hard it is when you stay the same at weigh in time. I've cried many tears over the years about this. But Caz - in your first post you say you keep losing and gaining the same two pounds. Your sig says you've gained two pounds, lost it the following week, then lost another 3 more! That's good progress! Why jump when the ship's not sinking? (that is, unless you aren't updating your sig?)

If you think you are stalled, go back to basics again - don't eat too many mims, watch your cheese intake, look for hidden carbs that might be throwing you off, and watch your booze intake (there's carbs in that too!) Some people who say they are stalled don't appear to be, if you read their signatures and stats on the side of the page... they might be having slower progress, but they are still MAKING progress.

Good luck, and come back to let us know how things go. :wave_cry:
You forgot the 3rd golden rule! Never use escalators - always use stairs :D

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