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Dukan first timer


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Hi, wondered if anyone could help.
I started attack today and just wanted to check what I'm eating is ok.

Breakfast: prawns
Snack: seafood sticks
Lunch: 4 mini chicken fillets with seasoning, FF yog with garlic dip

Ive been having loads of water too. Not managed to get my hands on any oat bran yet but will soon.

Thanks for your help :)
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** Chief WITCH **
There's nothing "wrong" (except possibly that dip), but it looks hopelessly insufficient and you'll be starving!

Prawns only for breakfast? (don't think I could somehow!!). Seafood sticks, limit yourself to 6 to 8 per day in an emergency...

This yoghurt with garlic dip. Home made? Otherwise I doubt it's Dukan friendly...

What's for tea? and tomorrow's menu?

The attack period is really important to getting a good kick off to the diet which, again, it's really important to get right. Do you have the book?


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Don't have the book yet, still waiting for it to arrive :)
The dip was homemade. FF yog with garlic in it, is this ok?
I've not really planned anything as I only discovered the diet yesterday so I'm just eating what I have on hand until I go shopping.
Should I be eating more? I'm not used to having as much as I want after just doing weight watchers, it's all a bit new to me.
Thanks for the reply x


** Chief WITCH **
Well I guess if you're not hungry, no point in eating more, but does this suffice? OK if the dip was homemade fat free yog. Veg aren't ok on attack, but fresh garlic (in condiment quantity only) would be ok. Otherwise use the powder.

It's not easy to explain the diet in a few words, hence read all you can on the site...

And if you post your menus IN ADVANCE, we can help stop any errors.

How many days' attack are you planning (if you've not been to the official Dukan site, I advise you go to calculate your true weight and number of days). And try to get oatbran pronto.


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Im on attack for 3 days
Tonight I am having the easy chicken curry i found on a dukan site. I was starting to get a bit hungry so I've boiled 2 eggs to have now so that should keep me full till tea. Will get the oat bran tomorrow.
I also found the egg scramble recipe so I'll have that for breakfast tomorrow.
How long have you been doing dukan?


** Chief WITCH **
Me? Forever seemingly (first discovered it in 2007)... but "this time", since January 2011... :D


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Wow you've done so well on it.
I've eaten so much chicken today I'm surprised iv not started laying eggs.

Today I've had
B: 2 boiled eggs, FF yog
D: grilled chicken with spices
S: oat bran muffin

I also managed to get some oat bran and made some muffins. They weren't very big but they were really filling. Will have them again for breakfast tomorrow. It doesn't look like I've eaten much today but I've been really full.
Yesterday I was craving something sweet after dinner but today I'm not fussed.


** Chief WITCH **
I'm actually only a little less now than when I first discovered Dukan. My big weight loss was seven years ago, and done with "healthy eating".

Glad you're feeling less hungry now. Ketosis must be kicking in.
You did separate your eggs and whisks the whites to firm for the muffins? I always do and ensure the eggs are large. If I'm making muffins for several days, I "lose" a yolk without noticing.


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Yep did all that :) the recipe I had was only for 6 so I doubled everything up. just had one for breakfast.
I've lost 4lbs since Monday I can't believe it...is that normal?


** Chief WITCH **
Make sure you end up eating however many muffins in your recipe works out to the 1.5 tablespoons oatbran today, won't you?
Will do :)
I was going to have cottage cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast but I didn't fancy it so I made some mini quiches with it instead and put some oat bran in them. They were delicious. I also forgot to take the chicken out the freezer last night so it's lucky I made them cuz they've filled me right up. Hope you're all well today :)


** Chief WITCH **
Quiches with oatbran in... hmm... there's a first!

Onward and offward!


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You can't really taste it, I just thought it would be another way to get my allowance of it.
Really haven't been hungry today, had a quiche for breakfast and then a pot of 0% Greek yog and haven't really fancied anything else. Have got some kippers and chicken for later on though :)

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