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Dukan from Lighter LIfe

Hi all

I hope you can help. I'm thinking of switching from LL (total) to Dukan. I've had enough of not eating solids and want to do a plan that I can stick to and then maintain for life (not planning on only doing attack, I want to do all four phases). I've bought the book and the oatbran and am in the right place mentally to start. I've chosen next Wednesday to start as I will have finished my LL packs by then.

My question is am I likely to put on weight by switching from LL to Dukan? I have 10lbs to lose to reach my true weight. Dukan website says I should attack for 3 days.

Thanks for your help.
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** Chief WITCH **
If you move directly from LL to Dukan, I'd advise 2 days' attack only (and just to get you in the swing of things really).

Will you "gain weight"? Perhaps a little "water weight".

I'd advise working out your attack menus well before switching (and get all your food supplies in). Get our menus approved by an old timer here (it would be a shame to come out of ketosis because of a silly error!).

Then, as you say, provided you're up for the full FOUR stages, you will stand a chance of consolidating then stabilising the loss. (Your official Consolidation period will need to be lengthened to reflect your LL loss, and by a bit more besides, I should think.)

That's my humble opinion at least ;)

Well done on your weight loss! Are you exercising at all?

Yes - I walk for 40 minutes a day (to and from train station but I put on my trainers and power walk it). I was also going to Zumba and aerobics but have stopped at the moment due to injury.

I lost all my weight last year and was maintaining really well but threat of redundancy and being given redundancy notice (in January) meant that I didn't really make great food choices for a time and put on 21 lbs. I've lost 14 on LL but don't want to do it long term. I really want something I can maintain and lose the reliance on LL packs - and the "I can lose it really quick so it doesn't matter if I put on" mentality.

I've also started working through the Beck book and I realise I work well with rules which is why I think Dukan will suit me.

Thanks for support



** Chief WITCH **
I'm a "rules" girl too... welcome aboard. Hope you'll be joining us!
Yes I'll definitely be joining you - just need to make the switch over. I'm going to start on Tuesday morning.

I'll check all the recipe threads from now on and make a note of those that I can have on attack - especially oatbran recipes. I'm sure I'll have loads of questions though!

Thanks for your help so far.

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