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Dukan it out ... again!

Hey peeps... I’m on my second round of Dukan. Three years ago I successfully dukanned myself from 217 to my TW of 161. Over time I gained some back. Was horrified to be at 188 in January of this year and went back on the program in February and have been following the diet pretty faithfully (with a few planned lapses along the way). I got back to 163 last week, but this morning I clocked in at 165.6 😞

I know I’ve been a little lax, a handful of nuts here and there, and a few salted caramels this weekend, but 2.6 lbs up!!! I’m determined to get to 150 this time around but I feel stuck in this zone. My family is a little tired of my PP days, cause I never want to go out to eat when they want to have a blowout at a restaurant.

Back to basics today and NO CHEATS... not even small ones! For background, I’m 58, just reached menopause 2 months ago, so no TOM water gain to explain temporary gains. I live in Michigan. Looking for suggestions and support from fellow Dukaneers, especially those that have or are trying to go below “TW”.

I obviously have a wealth of experience with this diet, so anyone looking for encouragement on any stage, please jump in! I’m happy to help! I’m going to weigh in on Mondays. Hoping for a downward trend from here!
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Weighed in today at 162.6
I had achieved 161 on Friday, but got derailed big time at a graduation party, where I scarfed down croissant sandwiches, potato salad and CUPCAKES! Had a very bloated drive home. Doing a second PP day today. I’m attempting to make a lemon cheese cake today for a dinner party I’m having tomorrow. Hope it is more palatable than the “chocolate “ one I made the last time...
159.8 today! Stayed on program even through Father’s Day brunch...except for the odd smattering of full-fat feta in my omelette. I’m now fitting into ALL of my clothes from 2 years ago and need to buy new jeans! Hollering into the void here today, but feeling good about my 150 goal. Seems doable at this juncture.
159.4.... I’ll take it, as it’s still DOWN 😀. I was ambushed last a Thursday by a last minute booking for a half-priced 5-course wine tasting dinner. I even ate the BREAD! And the wine... oh the wine 🍷. I find that when I let myself have a blowout, it doesn’t stop with one meal. The next day I’ll be craving the hair of the dog and nosh on toast or chocolate. I was happy to see the slight drop this morning, but I know I would have been happier if I hadn’t zigzagged last Thursday...
Hello Void:

Hit a wall a week ago and have been carb-loading. Finally came up for air this morning and decided to staunch the gash in my willpower and get back on track. 5-day PP on the agenda!
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Hi lil woozy
I am new to Dukan and start my attack phase today. Been on every diet on the earth and never had any great success so hoping for a miracle really!!! Think I am ready but as you are very experienced I might pick your brains so to speak - wish me luck!!
The program works! How is the attack going? Did you get a headache? Did you sign into the Dukan site and get a timeline? So many questions! 😀
S: 14st1.8lb C: 14st1.8lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Lil Woozy
I have just finished my attack phase 3 days and I have lost 1lb! Gutted is an understatement - I read the book before starting and logged in the website which said 3 days on the attack. I have had no headaches but have come out in spots which is quite annoying at my age ha ha. I am going to continue with Dukan as reading all the stories it does work. I’ve had my oat bran each day, drank in excess of 2 litres of water and had a mixture of meats , beef, chicken and turkey (I cannot stand fish or anything that comes from below the water!) eaten fat free cottage cheese and no more than 2 eggs - what have I done wrong?? Xx
When I do an attack, I usually do 5 days. Did your timeline suggest three? And one pound in three days is GREAT! That would equate to over two pounds in a week, which is right where you want to be. If you’ve been dieting before an attack, your attack loss will not be as dramatic as it would if you were going into it cold. I detest fishy things as well, but I occasionally do salmon or shrimp just for variety. Bonus is I NEVER overeat on those nights! A bit of smoked salmon and hard boiled eggs makes a nice change from the chicken and beef. I also cook pork (lean) once in a while. Sounds like you’re following the plan to a “T” and you will see a big loss when your body decides to dump the excess water, the results will be amazing. STICK WITH IT!
Just reread your post and I can see that your 3 day attack was prescribed. See how the PP/PV rhythm goes for a week or so. If you’re not dropping a pound or two a week, try a 5PP followed by 5PV and track the losses. 😀 Remember, you’re in this for the long haul!
Tail between my legs, I’m back on a 3 day attack after roaming the land and ravaging all of the carbs I could find. Clothes still fit, but I’m experiencing a certain snugness at the waistbands. Sticking with Dukan through to Christmas. Got down to 157 before this last relapse, now I’m very reluctant to get on the scale. Maybe next Monday....


Rebooting - with vlcd, vegetables and more
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Lil Woozy- face that scale then be happy about getting it shifted back to 157 and lower....


Rebooting - with vlcd, vegetables and more
S: 21st11lb C: 17st9.2lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 4st1.8lb(18.95%)

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