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Dukan started today. Help needed asap

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hello all. ive started the dukan today and to be honest i need your help with what i can and cant eat :confused:
for breaky i had a boiled egg, lunch i had a coffee with skimmed milk and one sweetener, i didnt eat anything because i was scared i would eat something that not allowed, there so many people online putting there version of the diet and i just want the facts. now after small research ive come up with an idea for dinner, lean steak strips, chilli powder, onion and garlic, does this sound ok?
im in the attack phase obviously so its hard to know what i can and cant eat i dont want to mess it up with one silly mistake!


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Have you ready the book?

Its a good idea to read it, then make a meal plan, and a shopping list before you start.

Coffee is not lunch.

You can only have a small amount of onion on attack, like a teaspoon amount, the rest sounds like a good idea.

Read the daily menu thread, the faq and some diaries and you'll get an idea of what people eat in attack, pp days are similar to attack.

Have you got your oatbran?
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hi thanks for your reply. yes i have my oatbran and i know coffee isnt lunch but i was very confused about what i was able to eat, ive just noticed the attack list above so will have a look through that.
im going to morrisons tomorrow to get the book, ive been told its £6 reduced :)
ok so tea is sorted and will get the book tomorrow and go shopping for some extra bits i havent got

shell xxx
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oh and does this diet put you in ketosis? REALLY do need to read the book dont i? lol xx
S: 10st0lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
ok sending oh out after tea to get the book. im so motivated i dont want any reason to stop now :)
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You really do need to read the book it explains everything! It sounds like you have not eaten much today at all. My advice would be to discount today, have a proper filling dinner, and start afresh tomorrow!


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RE: Ketosis - its not a goal of this diet (you have too much dairy and veg). You may get into ketosis anyway (I did but kept losing even after I came out.) I wouldn't focus on it though - just stick to what you read in the book.

Best of luck to you!


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How tall are you Shell?
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hiya. im back and back onthe wagon, day 1 today and 100%. i got to day three and felt faint, ill, tired and lifeless are you meant to feel like this?
i am 5ft im a miget lol, ive had four children and my "normal" weight is just under 8stone, i would ideally like to get back down to 8stone BUT im a year older and i will still be happy at 8stone 7.


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Hi Shell

I'm afraid, yes - day three of attack is often horrible - like flu, but the good news is that is the signal that attack has worked and you can move straight onto cruise and the symptoms disappear almost at once.

Good luck - and remember we are here to help out with advice you feel rough again.
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Thankyou thats so reasuring. Well day 3 again tomorrow, i had a headache last night and this am but its gone now and just prepering for the worst tomorrow. I am really looking forward to veg which ill have in two days. Xxxx

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