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Dukan true weight - low enough?

Hi all,

I've been on the Dukan diet for around 9 weeks and have lost 24lbs so far(I think, on phone so can't check.) anyway, very pleased today when I weighed in and found I was 12.12, 15lbs away from my Dukan true weight.

Now, my issue is I am still big, obviously not as big as I was, and I have lost well on my upper body, but I can't help but feel 11.11 won't be low enough for me. My tummy, hips and legs have a way to go and I am wondering if 15lbs will be enough to make a difference to those areas.

So my question (I got there in the end..) ;) did you stick with your Dukan true weight, or did you lose a bit more? I don't want to go for something I cannot maintain, but I also want to feel happy with my body. I am starting to wonder/worry if I have more like 30lbs left to lose.

Thanks :)
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15lbs can make a huge difference! My advice would be to stick with 11.11 and see how you feel once you're there. At 11.11 it may be just a case of toning up, or setting yourself another 7lb goal.

Well done on your weight loss so far :)
The "true weight" is calculated as the weight which you are most likely to be able to maintain long term, not as an "ideal weight"

It includes factors such as age, the number of diets previously undertaken, body type, number of pregnancy, all of which can make it harder for us to maintain weight at the lower end of the healthy scale.

That said, it is just a number, not an order, and if you do find you can lose more, and stabilise lower in that healthy range, there is nothing to stop you.

But be cautious - make sure that if your weight loss stalls when you pass the "true weight" that you don't despair and abandon the diet altogether; go into conso and stablisation to make sure you don't undo the work you've already done.

(BTW - I chose to stop well before my "true weight" - I like the figure I have now, and I still have anough "chub" to keep my wrinkles under control and my boobs pointing in the right direction!
Thank you both for the great advise. :)

Cheryl7 - I won't fret until I am actually there, you are right, 15lbs can make a big difference as we get smaller, so I'll see how I feel once I get there.

Atropos - I will definitely make sure I go through the next 2 phases, bit scared of extra foods/gala meals etc but excited at the same time. I really want to see this through and stick with it. Too many failed diets behind me!

I was reading your post on the bus and LOL at this "I still have anough "chub" to keep my wrinkles under control and my boobs pointing in the right direction!" Love it! :D So true

Thanks again.


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I went way below true weight with Dukan (my boobs had long gone south!)... and stayed there one day...

Since then I've fought and fought but find it very hard to stay below my true weight - higher than most because of my previous high weight.

So don't do as I do... :)
I was given a true weight of almost a stone above what I thought, but I'm going to stick to what is suggested and see how I feel when I reach it.
(BTW - I chose to stop well before my "true weight" - I like the figure I have now, and I still have anough "chub" to keep my wrinkles under control and my boobs pointing in the right direction!
Atropus this made me giggle :giggle:
The wrinkles bit is the only part that worries me (too late for the boobs) I am of a certain age that wrinkles is a fact but I do have good skin (thank you to my mum) and I've been told on numerous occasions I dont look my age - so I keep slapping the cream on - OMG am I going to look like the ancient tortoise in 'one foot out of the grave'when I get to target. :hmm:
Catherine Deneuvre once said that past a certain age a woman has to chose between her face or her butt...
I was worried about loosing weight and looking gaunt but that hasn't happened, thank god! I think if I went any lower there would be a good chance but I wonder if the high protein part of the diet actually protects our faces more (I think he said something in the book about this).

As for the original post, I would wait and see how you feel at your goal weight, you will know when you are just a couple of pounds away if it is right for you. I lost 16lbs in total and that took me from a getting tight size 12 to a sometimes size 8, mostly size 10 which is just right for my height.
Couteaux, I am with you. I still feel big and I don't think 5 kg will make much of a difference.. :(
I must say though, original goal in my mind was 68 kg and Dukan test gave me 65.. So I will see how I feel and when I reach to a weight I am comfortable with, I will start conso.. Might try to go down 65 or stay there and start working out with additional carbs in conso, right now I have no energy..
I am very happy with the weight loss so far.. And I am not suffering at all, so I will be on cruise as long as it takes.. :)
I put into the site that i wanted to reach 10.7 and after the questionaire my true weight came up at 10.8 ... 10.7 is my upper weight range so will see how im looking as im getting lower as dont want to look gaunt. Ive not been 10.7 in 18 years :rolleyes:

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