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Dukan while pregnant?

Hi all quick question: has anyone done dukan during pregnancy? Im not pregnant but I am trying for a baby, the dukan website says it's safe it just seems to me that cutting out whole food groups can't be good for the baby? I'd love to lose weight before getting pregnant and eat healthily throughout as I put on 4 stone when I had my son (Which is what started my weight problems) but obviously don't want to harm the baby. Also does anyone know if doing dukan can affect the chances of conceiving?
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I'm no expert but if you were to do DD then perhaps stick to conso or stab sections.
Very controversial and I am probably going to be black balled for this - but, I actually started DD whilst breast feeding. My son was 3 months old and not gaining enough weight as I didnt have enough milk, so I thought if I start loosing weight now and the milk stops completely then so be it. I was miserable being 3-4 stone over weight anyway! - do you know what??? After one week on DD he started gaining weight as he should and after one month he was at the right weight for his age and I had milk in abundance!!!!!!!

I am not advocating this but simply relaying my experience to you!! I think doing DD taught me how to think about food differently and to eat MORE!!!! - of the good stuff anyway! ;)

Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy!!!

Let the abuse begin...... :(
I'm no expert Jade but I know that being overweight affects your chances of conceiving so any weight loss beforehand has GOT to be a good thing! Also, women who struggle to conceive are often given egg proteins so the eggs are probably a good thing and the PP/PV thing is all healthy as far as I'm concerned. As long as you are not starving yourself, eating as much as you need and giving your body what it wants, including pregnancy vitamins/folic acid etc then I don't think missing out on bread/potatoes etc is going to negatively affect you x Best of luck!!!
There is a section in the book about pregnancy in the book I think it says to follow conso but not to do the pure protein days and to add extra fruit. I will double check this when I find my book though


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There is a section in the book about pregnancy in the book I think it says to follow conso but not to do the pure protein days and to add extra fruit. I will double check this when I find my book though
Seconded - that's exactly what it says, but I have not checked this minute either!

I just wanted to add that in *my* experience - and this shows you how different we all are - my periods stopped altogether one month into Cruise (age: just over 40). They have not yet returned 6 months into Stab but I am awaiting results from blood tests this moment to see if I am post-menopausal, however I don't think I can be!

My doctor was not particularly concerned about the diet aspect, she commented that I was a healthy weight and that it should not be the cause. I am still wondering... but it's probably completely unrelated!
A woman that works at a store that we shop at is in her 8th month and has not gained a lb. She was over weight when she became pregnant. She is very healthy baby & her are fine. Better choices that is what it is all about. Her Dr. feels that at delivery she will be something like between 10-15lbs lighter that when she became pregnant. I have no idea what weigh loss program she is following. I really hate to say this for so long I had no idea she was pregnant...she carries a lot of weight in her middle section, until one day I was going on about how wonderful Dukan is and then she shared her news.
Good Luck !!!!
Thanks for all your advice. I think doing dukan has to be healthier than the way I ate last time which was basically anything I could get my hands on, particularly krispy kremes and galaxy chocolate... I asked my doc at the time what the minimum amount of calories was I could eat while preg as I was already a stone overweight and he just said not to diet while pregnant and eat as much as I needed (which I obviously took to extremes!)

I've just finished my last day of attack so hopefully I can lose a bit on cruise before falling pregnant then I'll move onto conso.

Lol christell - I don't think that's terrible at all, people eat a lot worse while baby is developing inside them, as I did!

I have got the book but havent got to the pregnancy bit yet, I'll look it up. Thank u all hope ur all well!
Eating sensibly whilst pregnant is still the advice to follow. While it might be ok to follow the Dukan diet while we are not pregnant, it is not a diet any responsible physician would advocate whilst nurturing a fast growing foetus, certainly not the attack or cruise phases. The body uses different types of foods differently to build the body and give energy for vital functions. A growing foetus needs fat as well as protein and carbohydrates. You wouldn't solely feed your infant the Dukan diet foods, you have to apply the same principles to your body whilst pregnant.
If you are unsure speak with your GP, Ob/Gyn, Midwife or practice nurse. But please, please don't dive into this diet whilst pregnant or trying to conceive before speaking with someone who knows your medical history a bit better and can advise you properly.



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Please check out our FAQs, and update your User CP. If you're a normal weight now, Dukan is ill advised.

PS - I too know of several people who had their cycles messed up/altered while doing the diet. Coincidence? More connected to weight loss than the specific diet? You'd need to do more research to be sure. But a diet without veg 1 day out of 2, and no fruit, can't be great for your body if you don't need to lose weight now. Conso sounds a far better plan for you.

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