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Durcan Does Dukan

Hello all.

I thought I'd best do a daily diary to keep me on the straight and narrow. Please feel free to make any comments, both good or bad as I'm still a novice.

Here goes for Day 1 :D:

Breakfast: FF yogurt with oatbran

Lunch: FF cottage cheese with LF ham

Dinner: Small cottage cheese, tuna in water with balsamic vinegar and smoked salmon.

Snack: 9 crabsticks.

Lots of water.......................

Does this day look okay to you?


Alison X
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grammar police
It doesn't look like you're eating very much here - you'll need to eat more in the first few days whilst you're getting into ketosis (after that you'll not be as hungry).

Dukan recommends eating between 1 and 1.5g of protein per kilo you weigh, your menu looks like it would be well under that. Don't forget you are allowed to eat as much as you like of the list of allowed foods - make sure you're eating plenty, especially in the first few days!


Goat herder(ess)
It feels crazy being advised to eat more whilst on a diet, doesn't it! But that's one of the good things about Attack - it stops you feeling hungry, so stops you feeling temptation and helps get you off to a good start.


** Chief WITCH **
Also, as I've said on another thread of yours, these packets and tins are all very salty and you'll soon get incredibly bored of them. Save them for emergencies and check out some recipes!
Good morning girls. Thanks for the replies. I must admit I feel really rubbish this morning. I just couldn't face anything to eat as my tummy was gurgling away and started with a headache.

I've taken your advice Maintainer and defrosted fish for tea tonight so will have a good look in my recipe book for ideas. The boys want breaded fish and chips (washes mouth out with carbolic soap) so at least we're all having something similar and no cooking different things.

I think I'll make a galette when I get home from work and have that for lunch with eggs.

I really do love cooking so need to find recipes for Attack.

Hope you all have a good day.

Alison X
Today's been a shopping day with mom. I always take her out on a Wednesday. We go into Solihull for a mooch and then to Sainsbury's. Anyway, here's today's menu:

B: Yogurt
S Skimmed milk capuccino
L: Mussels and 2 poached eggs (strange combo I know!)
D: Homemade burgers (small onion, chillies, steak mince, oatbran) gerkins
S: Sugar free jelly

I bought a egg cooker from John Lewis today. Normally steam my eggs 10 at a time but this little machine boils and poaches eggs. So far so good and all for £9.

Hope you're all having a good day.



** Chief WITCH **
Hey... strange combinations are quite common with Dukan! I never thought I'd eat turkey, or steak, for breakfast!

Feel free to eat more protein if you're hungry...


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Alison,

welcome and good luck. At the beginning I carried little 'emergency rations' of sliced omelette (just egg stirred and microwaved for 1 min) to munch on if I got hungry.
Looks like you could do with a bit more dairy too - have a look for low fat (0% where possible) yoghurt, quark, fromage frais, cottage cheese. All are a bit different but very versatile and I am just coming back to fromage frais after having lived on Quark for a long time ;-)
They're al quite 'neutral' so you can use them as a savoury sauce by adding mustard or herbs for example, or to marinate your meat (for example with curry powder or chilli). Or turn them into a sweet by adding sweetener and possibly flavouring like vanilla or cinnamon. Vanilla quark makes a nice filling for a pancake or galette.

Finally - you really need to take multivitamin supplement (and try not to forget them like me!). Maybe you already do but I just wanted to make sure.

The gurgling stomach (and worse) - it should pass in a few days. I had that too...
Thank you Anja. Good advice. I really do need to up my dairy. I have got fromage frais, yogurt, cottage cheese and quark in the fridge, all virtually fat free - just need to eat it, lol!

I have marinated chicken in yogurt (tikka) for dinner tonight so that should help.

I always take a multi vitamin and mineral tablet so shouldn't be short on anything (hopefully).

Thanks again.



** Chief WITCH **
and (because the others are too polite to mention it), should you encounter a slowdown in errr transit, that too is normal as you're not eating as much fibre as before. There are remedies (rhubarb... drinking cold water first thing) if it becomes a problem... :D

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