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EA Active on the Wii

Well I have had 4 days of the tablets for my birthday weekend but am very much back on track now. Plus people complimented me on my weight loss on my birthday so made me feel great.

But more to the point. I got the EA active for my birthday and I love it. I have the wii fit but I think that is more fun that fitness apart from the jogging. This is hard core. I am doing it for 20 mins every day and never thought I would say this but love the fact I am aching. I would def recommend!!!
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I have the sports active too, it's great. I like the fact that you can create your own workouts rather than doing theirs all the time.
I'm so unfit, but I can do the boxing and the dancing, combined with a little bit of running/walking and it soon burns of a couple of hundred calories.
Unfortunately mine has been neglected for far too long! I think I need to dust it off and make June the month that I get off my fat arse again! :D
I am loving it at the moment and love the fact you can tailor your work outs to what you want. I am doing a lot of the track stuff at the minute and boxing. I am aiming for 200 calories a day and it flies by. I love the running and the kick ups actually make me want to cry but you can feel then working. I do want to shout at it when I am nearly dying and it is saying too slow but it does spur me on!


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ok ive just gotten this, and now im scared!! hurting muscles.. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I spent the first day after I used it waddling round this house muttering "Oh my bum" to myself. Just to give you something to look forward to, Kes. Enjoy...

KB x
ooh have fun with it. I love it, not done today as had no time and actually miss it. will be getting up early in the morning to do it. It just feels like a workout. I prob feel more benefit to it that I did to the very expensive gym. Although the fact I never went probably didn't help ha
i love this game i have most of teh fitness games on the wii my favs are dance dance revolution , ea active and good old wii fit (plus) x


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yep this is still sitting in the box as all you lot have scared me away from using it!!!
nahh im waiting until im back at a reasonable health before pulling it out of the box... but im getting there..
i have jus ordered this game after reading this thread i also got dance party pop hits with dance mat lol!!
i love my wii fit plus but i sometimes get a bit bored.. so a new month and for me it will be my target to get back into my excerise which has taken a bit of a back seat recently..


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i got it out of the box this morning... and boy did i feel it while i was working out...
its great and ive only used it once!!
look out... hoping to do each day this month... bring it on!


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Thanks so much for the recommendation! I bought it last week and tried it earlier today and love it too!! :D
i think il join u on using it everyday this month im gonna make that my target.. hopefully it will be here tues/wed this week x


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good luck... def hard work and a lot more acurate than the wii fit, but i still think that the wii fit is good for some fun type exercise!

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