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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by yyx99, 17 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. yyx99

    yyx99 Full Member

    Well just did my first day on the 30 day challenge. I chickened out and went for low intensity and it has almost killed me.

    loking forward to using this as my little trainer and see how it goes.
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  3. tryer

    tryer Silver Member

    well done!!!!

    there is a challenge with this on the exercise forum part of the site,
    you can join that as well if you like:family2:
  4. mollydog

    mollydog Silver Member

    I've done 5 days so far and i'm really enjoying it. Been doing the 20 min easy option to break myself in but moved up to the 20 min med last night. The high kicks certainly got my heart pumping and i cannot do the inline skating at all, supposed to do 12 tricks and i can manage one at best!
    I'm going to check out the challenge.
  5. quizzicalgrrl

    quizzicalgrrl Posting Mad!

    wow that sounds great. What does it make you do in 30 minutes?
  6. mollydog

    mollydog Silver Member

    Walking and running to warm up then anything from a selection of boxing, skating, basketball, lunges, bicep curls, squats, tennis, dance. I'm sure there is loads more, thats just what i can remember. Its good that you can see the calories being burnt off as you work!

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