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Eager to start!!!!!!!


Absolutely Determined!
:pHello everyone :)
I've been following your progress for the last few weeks by lurking on the board, and I've finally taken the plunge and joined in!
I contacted my local CDC the day before yesterday, and yesterday and left a message but she is yet to get back to me :sigh:. I am so eager to start this, I want my life back!
I, like many others I guess, have tried and failed at all methods of 'conventional' dieting. So, after much research I have decided CD is the way to go for me. I need to take food out of the equation for a while to heal my relationship with it, and then start again - much like weaning a baby I suppose.
I'm a little concerned because there is a note in my doctors surgery which forbids you even asking them to sign forms for VLCD as they do not approve. But, I'm hopeful that I willbe able to get around it as I have been seeing the same doctor regularly for the last year due to depression (which is finally lifting).
I have 3 children, so unfortunately I'll still have to cook food, but I want to do this for them as well as me. They deserve to have an active mum as opposed to a food-obsessed couch potato.
I'm not sure of my exact weight but ~I'd estimate it to be around 22st :break_diet:. But, not for much longer.
Now, if the CDC hurries up and gets back to me I can get on track. Otherwise... :copon:!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Paula xx

P.S Any tips on getting ready for CD? I'm a total diet coke addict...I guess that has to go!
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Well done for taking the plunge! Lets hope your Dr signs the form- I'm sure that you'll be able to twist his/her arm when you show them how committed you are. And after all, the health benefits of being slim far outway those of not doing CD!!

As for tips on getting ready- try and up your water intake. Its also said that cutting back on carbs will lessen the headache you get from carb withdrawl about 3 days in. I wouldn't know though, as I indulged in a last supper which came from the chinese takeaway ;)

Hope to see you posting again here soon when you've started! Good luck x


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Paula..
Well done you for taking the first step.. thats the hardest part over with I think..

If you have not heard from your cd give her a call back later. I know once I wanted to start I wanted to START!!!

I would say start drinking water and perhaps cutting down on food .. and it will be easier for you once you start...

Good luck with your journey once you start and get into it, its a fab diet..

Im not going to lie and say the first few days were easy as they are quite challenging but once you pass them it gets easier!!!

Im now on week 9 of ss and loving it... feel so much better already and think its the best diet!!!

Good luck and hope you manage to start very soon x


Absolutely Determined!
Thanks for the replies :) I'm getting really anxious to start now..have pestered CDC so much she is probably avoiding my calls... I must admit I have phoned 8 times according to my mobile... ooops. Anyway, if I don't hear anything today i'm going to try and find another CDC in the area. I know I can't expect someone to be at my beck and call, but a response would have been nice :-(
def see if there is any other cdc's near you. i was like that when i first set out on cd last year. you will have to get form signed by your doctor if you bmi is over 40. i know some doctors can be against vlcd's perhaps you could ring and ask and if he/she says no get looking to get someone else that will sign it. so as not to delay you starting more. good advice there with upping the water. make sure and try all the shakes as everyone likes different things and get a few tetra's there the best!!! imo!!!!!!

best of luck

becky xx
Welcome paula! like the other luffly peeps have posted, CD does most certainly seem the way to go when you have a relationship with food such as we have. The weight loss from the 1st week does spur you on!! I must admit, I am now starting my 6th week and have stumbled a bit of the last couple of weeks, so we can spur each other on! I'm pretending this is my 1st week, so 100% SS straight down the line! As for your CDC, ring a different one TODAY!! If she wanted business that much she would have contacted you by now. And I'm surprised at your doctors. Mine has tried everything with me to help me lose weight, so when I waved the forms in his face he was like 'yes! Well done!' and signed them straight away! Make that phone call right now love, and stuff the CDC you've been trying to get hold of.....if she does ring you can say 'oh well, I didn't think you were going to call me back so I've found someone else.' I LOVE saying things like that ggggrrrrrrr (do I sound stroppy?) LOLOL! Godd luck hunnie xx
Oohh id ring around a few different CDCs in your area. If she isnt replying to your calls then it could be a sign she is quite unreliable and uncontactable. You want someone who is there for you when you need support anytime!

I still can't believe that about the doctors.. You would think they would want to encourage people to lose weight however they can!


Absolutely Determined!
I found one slightly outside my area so I have emailed her today. Fingers crossed that I hear something soon. I have decided against the first CDC...I definitely don't want someone unavailable. I want to start this NOW!!! Wow... I'm so impatient!


Silver Member
Welcome! It really is a good diet, I've a little boy and a husband to feed and it's not that bad, think I'd miss the cooking and it keeps you busy! I ended up going to a CDC further away than the first one I rang as I never heard back but she's great. If your CDC is a bit away you can get up to 4 weeks of supplies to save the weekly petrol money!


Absolutely Determined!
Found a super-duper lovely CDC who is going to travel to me once every 2-4 weeks. She's posted my medical stuff today so as soon as doctor signs it (fingers crossed) I can start. Woohooo! Thumbs up for the CDC!!!


Cambridge Consultant
Found a super-duper lovely CDC who is going to travel to me once every 2-4 weeks. She's posted my medical stuff today so as soon as doctor signs it (fingers crossed) I can start. Woohooo! Thumbs up for the CDC!!!
:) Excellent!!! At least you will be able to start it very soon .. Great stuff.

Keep smiling :)


can see the end in sight!
FABULOUS NEWS! i bet you are chomping at the bit to get cracking, i was like that too. let us know how it goes and good luck!

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