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Earl Gray ?


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Hiya , just a quick question.. being on LL , can you actually drink Earl Gray? It says that you can in The Green Book, nonetheless :

Earl Grey tea is a tea blend with a distinctive flavour and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit. (according to wiki).

Just wondering, as I get really suspicious when i see anything to do with 'citrus'. Also, been drinking a few and my 3rd week's weight loss was only 2.2lbs :( (after -12ish lbs in first, and -6 in second), but not sure if that's due to the tea and I don't even feel tempted to cheat.

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I think earl grey is OK - it's the oil of the fruit that makes the drink, and it's citric acid that is poison to us LLers, and that isn't in Earl Grey. I don't think that the tea is to blame - I have only been drinking water since starting the diet, had a 12.76lb loss in week 1, a 5.5lb drop in week 2 and the a 2.86lb loss in week 3. So would say it is probably just your body adjusting to the diet, hence the consistent drop in the amount you are losing. Everyone tells me the next week will be a good one, and if my scales have anything to say then I am looking at a 6lb plus drop this week.


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I think losses do tend to drop in week 3
I had 9lb week 1, 6lb week 2, then it evened out to around 3 per week after that.
You should average around 3 per week for a lady for the rest of the weightloss phase, making about 1 stone per month.
It does also depend on how much you have to lose, the more you have to lose the more tends to come off, and men generally have greater losses than woman, they should lose the 3 stone in only 8 weeks!


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Our LLC recommended earl grey to us and I drank it all the time with the orange flavouring and it was yummy. However the CDCs on the CD forum have said you can't have it cos it's citrus. All I can say is I averaged 5lbs a week on LL and I was always in ketosis!

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