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easter eggs


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I'm going to push myself and not eat any chocolate from now until Easter, and then on the day I can gradually make my way through one chocolate egg. :)


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link doesnt seem to work sorry, but type cadburys into google and then click on nutrition which is listed before you press the cadburys link and then product search :)

for cadburys go to product selector and then click easter 2011 right at the bottom of the selection under cadburys :) gives you all the NV's for cadburys easter eggs

Curly Wurly Small Egg -83g

per 100g = 15pp , therefore about 14 / 13pp for that one not too bad if you split it up between the week or even couple of days

Freddo Small Egg-87g is the same as above :)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Egg Medium - 178g
Cadbury Creme Egg Meduim Egg - 178g

per 100g = 15pp therefore around 23-25pp ?? so split in 5 days only 5pp a day :) you can eat it all in one sitting if you like, but just remember to take away those 5 points off your daily allowance each day to make up for it
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it's only 1 day lmao have half an easter egg!!! No need to deprive yourself or you'll just go off the rails completely!!! I'm gonna be really good on easter week and then have a lovely easter dinner and egg!!!! And when it's done i will put my bum straight back into it again!!! After all we have to have a life when dieting!!! Or it's not gonna be realistic to keep up in the long term!!!


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buy the kids dvds instead of easter eggs ;) I do that anyway but it will prove helpful this year for sure :D
i too dont buy my son eggs, he usually gets a toy and a block of chocolate. Eggs are all packaging and by buying a block he gets more chocolate for my money. Although it is rationed haha


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Heres 2 eggs I propointed earlier by values on the box

The Creme egg one is in the 178g box (has egg shell and 2 x creme eggs) and 1/2 egg shell=7pp or full egg shell=15pp the creme egg itself is 1=5pp or 2=10pp. So 25 for the whole lot

The Rolo egg one is in the 172g box (has egg shell and 1 tube rolo) and 1/2 egg shell=10pp or full egg shell=19pp and tube of rolo=3pp for 5 sweets so reckon theres 10 in a pack so full pack=7pp
So 26pp for the whole lot.

Personnally Im gonna buy myself my fav 100g bar (tiffin) and its 14pp so will eat that over the easter weekend.
I am a little worried about it too - not because I want to eat loads but I hate feeling like the odd one out and don't want people to keep asking me why I am not eating chocolate as it just draws attention to me dieting!

So, I've asked for little bits that I can fit into a day easily such as malteser bunnies, cream eggs, caramel bunnies. Yummy - making myself hungry now! Lol. ;)
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we had a talk in class tonight all about chocolate!!! A big bar of galaxy is 24pp, an caburys creme egg is and caburys caramel are 24pp!!! And nestle eggs are higher in pp than cadburys, so best to stick with caburys!!!!

Found out i'm working 12 till 7 on easter sunday!! so am feeling like i will do ok with it as i wont be at home to eat all the goodies lol

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