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Easter is on it's way-what are you having?


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Nothing here either - I don't think Easter is a big family holiday in these parts. I'm working as normal on Good Friday, Easter Monday and the wedding day.


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I usually have a buttons easter egg each year, kind of a tradition.. have got one this year, but AM NOT going to scoff it all at once, instead will use it as a treat and work out the syns so i can still stay on plan.

Hubby just asked if we are having anything special on sunday for dinner... Im guessing he wants Lamb! but im not sure..


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OH's Dad is cooking a normal, big family, roast for us! So chicken I think, nothing exciting :)

I think we're gonna pool our Eggs and he can have the shells and I'll have all the insides which are easier to syn, although he's obviously getting the better deal :) x x
I'm working from 7am sunday morning until 7am Monday morning, soooo probably chicken breast, roasted new potatoes and ooh maybe syn a tin of ratatouille
I'm doing leg of lamb with SW friendly roast potatoes, curly kale, roast carrots & butternut squash, cauliflower & any other nice veg I see in Tescos!
Egg wise I'm got a Freddo Easter egg - 5 syns + 1/2 the egg is 190 calories so 9&1/2 syns (on 20 cal =1 syn rule) I think so will spread that over the 11 day break for me!
Really don't think Im gonna be bothered by the chocolate this year. Have been drooling over the hot cross buns tho...piping hot with loads of butter...mmm...!! Have decided to treat myself to one. Honest..just one!!!!
Big family BBQ, Easter egg hunt. Roast dinner. Fried breakfast oh dear how will I cope!!! Not good diet food I tell you

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Im not having an easter egg. instead going on a big girly night out with some friends i havent seen for ages so saving my syns for a few drinks.. cant wait :D
I didnt even realise people had lamb at easter! lol

Not religious or a chocolate fan so have never really understood why Easter is such a big thing for people in the "diet world". I am going away for a few days whilst off work, but self catered so SW food as usual.
Stephielou Urll be fine
BBQ- make your own burgers and kebabs with lots of veg on them thats what I've done for BBQs and taken them
With me makes me feel better and the food is amazing
Fry up- help who ever is cooking you can have beans bacon toast n make scrambled egg or fried egg yourself and mushrooms if you wanted then syn the roast and chocolate and you won't of gone over loads and you will feel better x

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I'll probably cook lamb. We very rarely have it and I love it so any excuse to eat it! Also, I've already been given 3 Easter eggs!! So, like others, plan to break it up into manageable syn amounts. Although I tried this last year when on ww and just went and ate most of it in one sitting anyway! I'll give it a try anyway :) x

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