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Easter temptation .. ARRRGGGGG !!

How is everyone else coping so far with easter temptation ?? There are 4 easter eggs in the fridge already and I knwo there will be many more .. and the smell of hot cross nuns is amazing !! I love easter normally and am feeling very tempted to scoff the kids eggs !!
Is anyone having a day , weekend off for easter ? or just an egg ??
Just wondered what all you lovely ladies and chaps were doing and feeling surrounded by all this yummyness !!!!?????

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This is the last time!!
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I am not even remotely interested in the eggs or hot cross buns - I am not a 'sweet' person.......I want savoury!!
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loads of eggs in our fridge but not one is destined for my gob. i'm an easter free zone.


hoping for a good loss
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I won't be having chocolate eggs over easster, but I am having a day off with Sunday roast with my family on Easter Sunday. Mind you I also have a meal out Good Friday too. Will get back on track after Sunday though.

I too am not bothered with sweet, is savoury I crave


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im not really bothered about choc eggs, love creme eggs tho :( kids have got a few eggs already from friends but they aint bothering me, could kill for a hot cross bun tho, mmmmmm toasted with butter butjust keep thinking about how far ive gone now so not gonna spoil it


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same as some of the others the eggs don't bother me. Have a family meal on Sunday so think i might have a small tuna salad so i don't seem completely unsociable, first time i've gone off plan! hope it doesn't mess me up :S
im a maths teacher and today i have been distributing chocolate digestives, maltesers, toffee's whaet crunchies, disco's and smarties. I have also bought 21 cadburys creme eggs for my tutor group as well as 3 large eggs as prizes for best kids of the term etc! yes i have found it hard, but have refrained form eating anything at all! come on ladies you can do it!!x x x
212-small tuna salad will eb ine just dont exceed the reccommended amounts!

Lisa D

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YeahI have 4 eggs so far sitting in the kitchen, I am sooo tempted, I have such a sweet tooth, well a tooth for anything really so it is going to be very hard for me but I will resist!!!

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Think half that chocolate (at least) isn't even that good and its being sold at three times the price it normally would just because it's got some pretty foil on the outside and it's egg shaped. The smell of hot cross nuns (;) - loved that :)) is very good but think how much better you'll feel for resisting and the great loss you'll have next week. And for some reason, HCBs seem to be sold most of the year here anyhow.


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I must admit I have a white chocolate Lindt bunny waiting for me for when I reach goal! But I wont eat it before then as it's like my little present to myself for when I finish!

As for hot crossed buns, just bake them when you're at goal. They're SO much yummier that way anyway!!!

And no- not even for easter lunch... but just thinking about hot HOT I'm going to look for not breaking it!

yeah we will look hot! thats whats keeping me going!! x x
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i would buy a creme egg for the end of my cambridge journey but by the time i'm done they'll probably be back on the shelves again lol. x
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I have banned anyone getting my lil one an easter egg (she is almost 1) cos i know one night i will want it! Even though im not a chocolate person but u never know!


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I wont be having any eggs, just my chocolate orange shakes! I'll regret it big time if I have a "day off"!

I'm with you YummyMummy I've already put a cream egg away for when I come off, I love them!
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I'm on day five of CD and I want savoury things rather than easter eggs, which is v. unusual for me!! All these chocolate shakes are quite grim! I'm determined though but have a long way to go!!:)

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