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Eat Healthy A & B for sake of it?


Do you have to eat you full intake of both A & B options everyday?

I am currently struggling to get both A options and sometimes B options in, but with 9 stone to lose I should imagine I should start off taking full advantage of my allowances.

I don't want to be eating just for the sake of it though, like yesterday I had loads of fruit and by about 9pm realised I hadn't had my all my options but I wasn't hungry.

So for SW to work do you need to make sure you have all your options?

Also how many syns a day do you have?


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It would probably work without the HE (as in losing weight), but it wouldn't be healthy. They have been added to provide the nutrients that you may not otherwise get.

Cut down on the fruit. Too much isn't good for your teeth anyway ;)


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if you struggle to get your heB (which i do) plan your meals or have cereal bars or hifi bars (mint ones are gorgeous). you should always try to eat your healthy A and B's and often people in my group miss them and they dont loose as much, so just because you feel like your eating too much you will still be loosing.


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They are there for a reason. You need the calcium and fibre so try to get at least one of each in a day. I have 2 Alpen light bars each day which counts as 1 HEB but is 2 snacks! And cut down on the fruit. Have your 5 a day but not much more. Too much fruit can actually make you constipated


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Can you 'split' healthy extras??? I mean if I have 2 weetabix for breakfast thats HEB1. I then want 1 slice wholemeal bread (allowed 2) and large spreading of houmous (but not 28g) would that be allowed to count as HEB2???


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As long as it adds up to one then I don't see why not. I think there are a few people who do that with their A's too
I haven't been having all my healthy extra's every day, but will give it a go now I know it'll help me loose weight.

I suppose like a lot of people I feel like I should be punishing myself a bit on a diet, I know I need to get passed this to make this change of lifestyle stick but it's not always so easy.


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Try not to think of SW as a diet but a healthy lifestyle
Yeah you can split Health Extras. I do and its worked for me. Some days I dont eat all of them but as Taz said try to eat 1 of each so you get fibre and calcium. Its not really a diet, once your into it you'll be flyin


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hifi bars (mint ones are gorgeous). .

i agree with you there - i bloody love them. they taste like viscount biscuits.

healthy extra's give you calcium and fibre - both have been proven to aid weight loss, so go nuts!!!


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THANKS I just love my houmous and tomato sarnie on wholemeal bread!!! I'm kind of addicted!
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As with past posters, I think it is important to have at least some of your HE's. Do you like cheese? You can have 3 babybel lite's as one HE A, you can spread those out across the day as well.
good luck


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You can also use healthy extra bs for things like tuna if you're on a green day, or beans/potatoes if you're on a red day. I couldn't manage without them! I usually only have 1 hex a though, but if you didn't eat yogurt you'd probably better off having 2. I only have about 4/5 syns a day, but I usually go out and have a naughty dinner and wine on a Friday.


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Oooh I love my A's and B's! Couldn't live without them but I know some days I have filled up on free foods and don't fancy them but try and eat them all the same.

I also split mine on occasion and it hasn't hindered my loss (yet) but if I find I'm slowing down or needing to be more rigid then I will try not splitting them. I can't see a problem if 2 slices of bread are a B and 2 Alpen Light bars are a B to have one of each as one B!


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Yes Stacey I would prefer one slice of bread and one alpen light... wouldnt need 2 of those bars a day cos they seem like a real treat!


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When I first started I was a bit scared of my As and Bs just because I am never good with restraint; as soon as someone says measure I want to cheat.

I didn't use my healthy extras for the first few months. Now I am more inclinded to use them. If you are having trouble getting them in there I'd make sure I had them for breakfast e.g. museli and milk or toast and cheese...Mmmm cheese on toast for breakfast!