Eat slowly and consciously


Gone fishing
....put cutlery down inbetween each mouthful.

Concentrate on what you are eating. Chew and enjoy.

Damn. Ate lunch way too quickly...will have to have it all over again now to practice eating slowly:rolleyes: :D
i think one of the things i do wrong is literally inhale my food infront of the tv. I would sit down with meal and concentrate on what i am watching and then when i look down 5 minutes later all my food is gone and i dont feel satisfied cause i don't feel like i've eaten. Might be an idea not to eat infront of the tv anymore and just sit down and focus on my food and really look at it when I am eating so my mind is really taking in that yes you are eating properly!
It is the one problem with being a CDC is that I literally get 5 minutes between clients to "woof" my dinner down.

I have to admit that I think eating in front of the tv makes you totally unaware of what you're eating. I used to do it and can honestly say there were times I hadn't a clue what I was putting in my mouth. I'd like to think that once I'm back on food I will set my dinner on a nice plate on my table and take my time with it. I'm sure it would make a difference.

I have that problem Mike, being a private music teacher in afternoons and evening.

Woof...5 minutes to get the lot in otherwise I'll be hungry.

My job was definitely the thing that started me eating too quickly