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Cruise PV eaten butternut squash -now mild panic!

PV day today
Just eaten 1/4 of a roasted BNS, (it was absolutely delicious and tasted like a chestnut)

i'd checked on here and the book which says BNS can be eaten unlimited but i thought I wouldn't go mad and make a pig of myself by eating the whole thing so just ate a quarter.

Sorry, i'm waffling aren't I....

anyway, just googled the nutritional value for BNS and can't understand why it's unlimited and carrot isn't?

Have any ladies experienced a stall after BNS??
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Honestly a butternut squash is my ultimate guilty pleasure on this diet - so much so I created a thread just like this - I could eat a whole one too - slow roasted with black pepper and a dusting of Splenda :eek:

I think the reason that carrots are limited is because of the sugar content, which I believe the squash does not have.

I have worried about the squash causing stalling too, and as it is a fairly carby vegetable, it is best kept in limited quantities. I personally have limited myself to once every week or 10 days. At the moment I am on pumpkins, whilst they're in season - I believe they are nutritionally lower in the sugars and carbs than the squash.
I'm very dubious of butternut squash too - was out and about lunchtime and they had butternut squash soup on the menu - so had that.

I just love it roasted - but as said it's far too sweet and delicious not to be very wary of?
i'm really struggling to get my head 'round the fact that BNS won't cause a stall.

BNS has a higher GI than carrots if i'm not mistaken?

I guess i'll find out soon enough at 2moro mornings step-on-the-scales!
I will be interested to hear your results Curvygirlie. I have already mentioned it here but a few weekends ago after checking here and another Dukan forum I roasted one and ate it over the two days, both pv. I gained 2.5 lbs! I can only put it down to the bns and I have only just now got rid of the 2.5 lbs.

By the way it was delicious but I cannot afford to have it again. :( Having said that, you only had 1/4, I ate 1/2 two days in a row. :eek:
100g lost this morning :):):)

The best case scenario I was expecting was a STS, especially as yesterday was a PV day, so I am very pleased with a loss (regardless of how small it is)
Well done, I'm looking forward to having bns once the kitchens done and I can cook again lol
If anything I think butternut squash can help (in limited amounts :) )

I have friends on dukan who have stalled for weeks, and had butternut squash which seems to start the weight loss again. I think it was so different to what they had been having before (as they also thought it was too good to be true so gave it a miss for the diet :) ) that it kick started there metabolism working again...

Just a thought :)
Well done Curvygirlie!

That is good news about the bns but I think I will give it a miss for a little while. I love it so much can't just eat a 1/4, sadly I end up eating the lot!:eek:
i've got 3/4 of a full one left in the fridge so will have it again later this week and see what happens.

But yes, I agree -it's so moreish! the 1/4 i had yesterday was quite filling but I could've easily eaten the lot! it was only the thought of a huge gain this morning that stopped me..

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