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Green Days Eaten so much? Green


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First weigh in last night and I have done a green day today but feel so full and have only had 5 syns can this be right ?on fitness pal it adds up to about 1300 calories already so very worried about eating more syns or free food for that matter today u have had

2 whole meal bread hexbx2
6 extra light laughing cow hex a
350ml milk

Muller cherry

Lunch Jacket with plain tuna 5.5 syns

dinner Jacket with baked beans diet coke
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I am a green girl and cannot believe how much food I eat. I like to eat fruit during the day and have just eaten a lovely tagine from the magazine. some days I don't use my syns but I dont worry about it. Enjoy.


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That's fine you should see my food diarys lol xx altho you do know the muller cherry is syns my rep told us last week. Xxx (green girl all the way) xx

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Thank you for that about the cherry must have not been listening last night thought it was on the free list lol, happy my day seems ok . It is difficult to get your head round when you have been calorie counting for so long , not that it really worked for me I have just stayed roughly sane weight for 8 months thanks for the advice everyone
Probably not such a good idea to have a baked potato for lunch and dinner - variety is important if you are to stick with the plan long-term. And if I were you I would add a lot of veggies to your meals as the only superfree foods you had were snacks


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Ok sounds like a good idea it's shopping day tomorrow so trying to plan out the week tommorrow


Wholemeal roll x 2 hexb
Quorn sausages

Quorn mince
Tinned tomatoes
Cheese hexa

Milk for tea

Syns birthday cake ?


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I find fruit in the morning for or with your brekky some form of salad for lunch or with your lunch and veg for tea is really good for your weight loss I did it and lost 3 n a half pound in a week xxxx

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Thanks 3.5 is great loss I would be over the moon with that , once o have been shopping there will be much more fruit and veg in the house
I was over the moon to but then put it back on due to a bad day :( and pills iv bin put on so trying alot harder now xxx

Good luck xxx let us know how you get on xxx

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looks like a good day, I'd be hungry though if thats all I had but if you're not thats fine,

I did an experiment by putting my food on myfitnesspal and always ended up with about 1500 calories without trying which prove to me that SW will regulate the calorie intake without thinking about it which is the beauty of the plan.

don;t you have breakfast? xx


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Thanks , I am having fruit for brekkie till shopping then I am going to get them Alpen light bars I think, so even eating 1500 you still get good loss ? I am mainly sitting still all day due to job and can't exercise due to back injury at mondo don't know if that makes a difference
The alpen double chocolate lights are delish. Always have two of them at night and they are an HEB so no syns yipeeeee. If you like green days so much, how about having some syn free chips occasionally. They are lovely and you can have them with most things. Enjoy

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