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eatin same foods..

Do u think it matter if we eat more or less the same thing everyday?i usually have a different dinner everyday but most days i tend to have cereal in the morning and a sandwich of some sort and a cup a soup at lunch, mainly because it is so handy, just wondering if it cud slow down losses?just thinkin back to when i done sw and they always said to vary your diet, just curious to know lol :Dxx
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Thats great thanks sarah! Im really likin calorie counting its great that if u wana have a bad day u can! (well up to your allocated calories anyway) and not feel to bad about it! wat sort of things do u eat? I normally eat the same breakfast and lunch out of handyness so it good to know that its been workin for u! Congratulations on your weight loss thats fab! How long have u been doin calorie counting?xx
I have a few basics that I stick to too. Usually cereal (40g weighed) and a banana for breakfast, and a slim-a-soup, crackers, laughing cow light triangle cheese thingy and fat-free yoghurt plus an apple for lunch. Evening meals vary, and weekends are all over the place. But I've managed 19lbs so far, so like Sarah, think it's ok to stick to some regular things. The joy of calorie counting is that if you 'fancy' a change, you can have one, and occasionally I mix things about a bit, just to keep me on my toes!
thats great advice!thanks! my weekends tend to be all over the place to lol! ate quite lot of junk at weekend there but managed to stay within my calories which i was well chuffed with!xx


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Well, for breakfast I generally have a WW bagel and spread, but I had a WW petit pain this morning. However, when I'm not in college I'll generally skip breakfast if I'm just staying in the house and then will have a bigger dinner!

Lunch I pretty much always have the same thing - a Tesco healthy living seeded wrap, 40g philly spread and 4 slices of wafer thin ham, some salad, and a packet of skips.

Dinner varies, however I work five nights a week and usually just have the same as my lunch for dinner as it is easy to carry around with me.

I then have quite a few cals left for puddings or snacks and so have ice lollies a lot of the time (Twisters/Refreshers/Soleros) as they are pretty low cal, or WW desserts. If I have a choccie bar treat I'll have a Galaxy Bubbles or Galaxy Ripple.

Fairly samey samey diet but I like it all and don't feel like I'm on a diet when I eat it!

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