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Eating on the run


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I have had the busiest weekend ever!! I am not making excuses, but I genuinely have not had time to plan, cook or spend time thinking about what I am eating this weekend.

I have fallen off the wagon, but Not in a seriously bad way. I just haven't counted, planned or cooked to plan.

So, my question is, what is the best way to eat on the run?? Any tips on what to eat when running about. I am usually very good with planning, and am back to normal now. However, if one of these weekends happens again, what would you do??
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I always have weekends like this due to working both weekends and during the week (the joys of having two jobs I guess). I find that things like fruit, mugshots, tesco canned mackerel fillets in tomato sauce (free) and Alpen Bars (2 being a HEXB) do the trick. I then try to have a good hearty main meal evening times - for example - I cook some pasta and then pour over some SW sauce that I have premade and frozen in the freezer and maybe add some quorn chicken peices or praws etc.


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do you have time at all to make more snacky things - fruit and yogurt always good one, mugshots, home made pastas, fritattas cut up, eggs and ham bites, chopped up veg and dips
hope any of these help

Mrs V

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I tend to take with me a banana, apple, alpen bars and Asda cheese curl crisps (3.5). I then find a shop and buy a packet of ham to munch on. If I have more time, then I will always have chicken breast that I have cooked and cooled to nibble on as well.


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Hard boiled eggs (I always have some in the fridge, and you can buy them pre-peeled when grabbing something from the supermarket, if eating on the run)
Alpen Lights.
Fruit - I eat punnets of berries when on the go.
Quorn deli slices (I don't eat meat)
'Bowls' of salad from supermarkets, using deli slices as 'wraps'.

Quick bites at home, when no time to cook would be:
Pasta n sauces,
Bean/tomato soup,
Cheesey Pasta.


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I detest being caught out on the run, so I tend to keep a few cereal bars in the car, and I have a drawer full of healthy food in work lol. I tend to get up very early and prepare the days food then, so I don't often get caught out. Except like today, when I was unexpectedly asked to work late, so will have to have my dinner here in work. I handled it by buying a baked spud in the canteen at lunch, and I heated up a tin of ww spagh I had in my drawer with it. And I saved the lunch I had brought in for later on. If I am still hungry, I have porridge in my drawer I can have, and also I have a yoghurt and alpen bar. So crisis averted lol.

But yes, I am a control freak and HATE being caught out!!!


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S: 20st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 7st3lb(36.07%)
Sorry, I meant to add its a good idea that you are giving this thought, and sussing out ways to prevent it happening, good idea!!!


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im a devil for this - and i either have nothing whilst i am out and then end up starving (not good!) or choose badly!

I guess if i was trying to prevent a slip up - fruit seems the easiest option, and cereal bars....as you can take these out and about with you!

I would also make the most of the meals i could plan, ensuring they had loads of veg included in them! that way if i am running around and grab something at least i have a base of nutrients for the day from the good meal!!! :D x


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