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Eating out??

hi guys just a quickie..!!

When I go out 4 dinner now I try and choose the lower kcal option, but a lot of the time its gonna be over 600kcals and I'll want a glass of wine etc etc. As a one off I dont see it as a problem...

My question is, when u guys go out 4 dinner of an evening do u do SF during the day? My view is that if I know I will be eating more than 600kcals for dinner ive already gone against SF rules, and the shakes will be more than a salad. So I might as well have "normal" food but be good eg have a salad 4 lunch, snack on fruit and then go out 4 dinner..

Do u do SF and eat out, or do u for go sf and stick to healthy food if eating out?
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If I know I'm going out, I wont SF for the day, I'd just have little snacks to keep me going and then I try to have a lower calorie meal. Then I just jump back on the next day.
If i know im going out for dinner i carry on as normal, have shake for breakfast, meal bar for lunch. i tend to leave out the snacks so i have 300 extra calories to play with when im out.
I slimfast as normal and then just try and choose as healthy as I can when i'm out. But I try not to allow myself to use it as an excuse to throw caution to the wind and try to stop eating when i feel full etc.
Ok cool. I dont go crazy, i stop when im full and choose the better option but i dont do SF for the day, just have v.little to eat
Thanks that's helpful to me too as I have a few nights out planned over the next few weeks. I guess alcho pops arent too good? Unfortunately Im a light weight and can't manage anything too strong (maybe thats due to having to get up to 4 kids!!) Any suggestions?
I guess we'll all find our own routine to cope with eating out :)

Clarkey.. my teeth are tingling already at the thoughts of all that sugar in the alcopops... how do you drink that stuff lol? I'm a vodka, dash of lime and soda girl myself but haven't had a drink since xmas cos I find i just get soooo hungry with booze and crave sugar the next day.. easier for me to stay off it.
Well pre my last child I could drink for England but not anymore, I like the sound of the vodka lime and soda as I often drink lime and soda as a soft drink anyway, cheers!! Yes the alcohopops do make your teeth feel like chalk!!
Diet coke n a mixer is prob best i guess, but im a rose gal!
Hmm,.. white grenache.. like drinking ribena :p
oh my fave!

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