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Total Solution Eating out

What to do?

  • Go for it - enjoy the night, it's only one night?

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Hi all

I am a second time VLCDer. Question is, a fried of mine has had a really difficult time lately, and her fatehr died a few weeks ago. In a fortnight it's her birthday, and she's wanting everyone out for a meal.

I will definitely go. Now, do I take a night off my diet, but eat sensibly?

Do I stick to it, take a bar and drink coffee all night?

Do I go and just let the reigns off?
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I would take the night off and eat sensibly by having a low carb meal so that I stay in ketosis. I have done option C but you risk 1 night off turning into 2 or 3 and then it's so much harder getting back on the wagon. Whatever you decide getting back on the plan ASAP is the most important thing.

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If you do go out and drink it is CRUCIAL that you are out of keto. Alcohol is dangerous in keto, it goes straight to your brain and magnifies the effects (and damage) that alcohol normally does. If it were me and I was well into keto, and coping well, I'd just stick to a keto friendly meal

I do a keto friendly meal roughly once a week anyway because I need to keep in touch with food, rather than having to do an AAM week which would fry my head

And I know I couldn't do TS on a night out, more because I'd feel like I had to bloody defend myself the whole time. Too many people are more than happy to give you their uninformed negative opinions and I'd rather avoid that too x
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You can be there for your friend without blowing your diet.

So I would "East sensible - avoid carbs totally, don't drink". I know it may not be as much fun as "Go for it - enjoy the night, it's only one night?" but you will only end up regretting it if you STS, put on weight or come out of Ketosis.

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