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EBAY WARNING - Please Read

I just want to warn everyone about a product that is currently on sale on ebay.

My friend purchased some pills from a seller 'easyslimming' On ebay the pills were advertised as 'safe to use while on the cambridge diet' This is a lie.

My friend was admitted to hospital today in absolute agony.

According to the DR, these pills have a substance in them which take all food that you eat and digest very quickly. Meaning that you go to the toilet for a no2 more often.

With the CD being such a low calorie diet the shakes/bars she was having were literally going in one end and out of the other.(SO TO SPEAK!)

This meant she was not getting the nutrients she needed and she was very dehydrated. The shakes were not given the chance to be in her system long enough. Apparently she has only been taking them for 3 days and has felt 'queer' all yesterday.

The doctor seems to think she is very lucky and if she had carried on with the pills any longer she could have gone into serious dehydration and starvation, causing all sorts of complications.

Please be careful on ebay guys. I wouldn't wish what Nicky is going through on anyone. When i first saw her today she wasn't with it at all, in and out of consiousness. Probably the morphine though the DR informs me. Which is being given to her for the stomach cramps she is experiencing.

I must admit i have been tempted to buy things from ebay - they are a little cheaper. But at the end of the day you do not know who is selling these products to you. Where as your CDC you know is a trained and trusted member of the Cambridge Diet. Please take my advise and stick to purchasing your cambridge diet goods from your counsellor.

If you have bought these pills already - STOP NOW

If you are thinking of purchasing them - DON'T DO IT
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i hope shes feeling better soon. thanks for making people aware, just sorry she had to experience such danger for everyone on here to learn from. have u emailed ebay and the seller?
The ebay seller has been contacted by Nicky's husband (who's understandably furious!) Last i heard he hadn't got any reply back. But i'm sure he will. We need to know the exact ingredients in the pills because the DR can not properly treat her without knowing.


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OMFG that's just awful I hope she gets better soon. I have to admit I was thinking of getting some slimming pills as I am so desperate to lose weight, but I will not be getting anything like that now. thank you so much for the warning!


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
hope he has explained that. i would definately contact ebay and tell them they have a user purposely misleading people in such a dangerous way. unreal!!
Hope your friend recovers soon...:( how awful for her.

Debz x


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Sorry to hear the news. Out of curiosity - Was the Cambridge not working for your friend and she felt she needed a boost?

Hope she gets better QUICKLY!! x
Yeah the CD was working for her well. But i know she has a family re-union coming up at christmas and she's desperate to loose, i'm guesing about 10 stone. Ive told her its not likely she will loose it all in time, but she was determined. I guess she thought the pills would help her loose even more.

She's quite depressed at the moment. Saw her for a bit this morning. Very tearful. I mean i'm desperate to loose weight but i wouldn't go to all those lengths. im happy with 1 way.

She'd been over exercising as well though which didn't help. I think if these pills didn't get her, something else would have in time.


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(Taken from the Cambridge Website)

Ebay Warning
Unauthorised people are using eBay to sell the Cambridge Diet. The Cambridge Diet is only available through a network of company trained and accredited Cambridge Counsellors.
There are medical conditions which have an impact on whether someone should use a Cambridge weight management programme. For example someone who is pregnant or breast feeding cannot use the Diet to lose weight. So it is vital that everybody meets with a Cambridge Counsellor before they start any of our programmes.

A week's supply of Cambridge costs around £30-35 (for a woman using the Sole Source programme: for a man it is slightly higher) and includes the support of a Cambridge Counsellor. We have seen Cambridge Diet for sale on ebay at £285 for a months supply (£71.25 per week).
If you wish to use Cambridge with the help and support of an accredited Counsellor, please click here for further details.



How awful for your poor friend, really hope she recovers quickly and she comes through her depression.


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OMG... thats awfull, i was thinking of getting pills of ebay, to help speed my w.loss, i won't be getting them now.