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  1. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    For the last 2 winters I've been constantly ill from October to March with one chest infection after another. I'm determined it's not going to happen this year and I want to start taking echinacea as a supplement from September. Is this likely to have any effect on the diet? Have my meeting tomorrow so will bring it up then but thought I'd see if anyone here has any ideas beforehand.
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  3. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    It is made from a flower - and flower products are not allowed as they can take you out of ketosis, and I would imagine an oil like that will be pretty concentrated.....but ask your LLC . :(

    ALso - I don;t know if you saw this but recently they came out saying it really has little to no effect on your immune system? I used to use it a lot. But it was not all that effective. ANd its not just beware. :)

    Also, you will probably find yourself healthier on this diet then you have been in a long time. I have been around loads of sick colleagus, and family members - traveled abroad - and <knock wood> have not been ill since starting LL. Immune system seems boosted! I am so prone to colds - if I read about one I will catch it!! lol - so - you may be pleasasntly surprised. :)
  4. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    God, I hope so - my last 2 winters have been so miserable. My kids are starting a new school in September, which I'll have to drive them to, so I need to make sure I keep well. My neighbour would take them to school for me before if I was ill but that won't be an option now. Will mention it to my counsellor anyway.
  5. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

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    Hi SFA,

    I have also been cold and flu free for the last 6 months, not that I used to suffer from them much anyway. Until this week of course but then I am on only two packs a day now.
  6. Allylottolose

    Allylottolose Full Member

    Lighter Life
    I used to get at least 5 bad colds a year and I have been around people with colds a lot recently and not caught them so I agree!

  7. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    Asked about this tonight and she's said to give it a try if I want, and she'll give me some ketosticks to check that I'm staying in ketosis, which seems fair enough!
  8. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Chest infections etc

    Hi SFA
    My reason for starting LL was because of colds, sore throats, bronchitis,chest infections and pneumonia on and off oconstantly last year. It was my annus horribilis!!
    I had every anti-biotic, scan, echinacea, vitamin C etc. Eventually my GP said "Have you considered it might have something to do with your weight?"
    I was furious, indignant - in denial!!
    When I climbed down from the wall and thought about it, it seemed it could be.
    I started LL in Feb this year. I've lost 8.5stone. I have been so well I can't believe it - not a sniffle and no supplements at all. it seems like a miracle.
    GOOD LUCK to you.:bliss:
  9. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    8.5 stone? OMG! I hope some of your immune system (and willpower!) rubs off on me .... :)
  10. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I too have had lots of health issues!! Infection upon infection but after losing nearly 11 and a half stone, I also am healthy than I have been in years. I haven't had in infection for 3 months now (longest gap in about 12 years!!!) so losing the weight really does have a huge effect :) Hope you have a good winter this year SFA
  11. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    Thanks Bex, I hope you're right!
  12. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    I recommend tongue scraping !!!

    Seriously - I used to have several colds a year and toncillitus (however you spell it) every year too - since starting scraping 3 years ago I guess I have had 2 or 3 colds and no toncillitus at all!

    My current scraper came from ebay for just a couple of quid plus postage and they eben sell them in Tesco now (though plastic ones are not as good as my copper scraper!)
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  13. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    Bleurgh, does it not make you gag? I've attempted to brush my tongue a coupe of times and nearly lost my supper ...
  14. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    I found that brushing did that and that is why I bought a scraper - it is really just a u shaped piece of metal that you pull across your tongue - I get no gagging at all from that so I recommend you try it!

    Brushing is not as good as in my experience, it makes you feel sick, it doesn't do a very good job, and it can hurt your tongue.
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