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edibeedee's lenten (6wk) journey diary

Dear Diary,
I started on Thursday, Feb. 18 100%.

This morning, day 7 I am down 20.2 lbs.

Before I started, I had gotten into the habit for about 3 months of eating crap and junk. The large 1st week loss goes to show just how many carbs I was eating. On the evening of the 2nd day, I was in the bathroom every 20 mins. I dropped ALOT of water over the next day and a half so I know that accounts for at least half of the -20 lbs. BTW I am doing Opti-fast. It has been a bit of a struggle especially yesterday because I just wanted to eat something and I was trying to justify it in my mind. My tummy felt like if I didn't eat something I would be sick. I knew that is just my mind so I decided to stop at Starbuck's and get a coffee. That seemed to do the trick. I found out Tues that we now have opti-fast chicken soup. I am envious of my UK friends because they have so many flavor choices, we only have vanilla, choco, strawberry powder and tetras, peanut and choco bars and tomato soup. Adding the chicken soup is wonderful and thank you Jesus, I LOVE it!
I will keep you posted dear diary.:D

not sure what I am doing with the ticker. I will have to figure it out.
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Wow 18lbs??? thats amazing hun
well done and keep it up!!


Laugh in the face of food
Yay Edi, good to see you again. I'm back too. Need to try and shift 30lbs to get back to where I was before my life interferred lol. Good luck with your lent challenge thing. xxx
Thank you surf and emma.

Had a full day, it was the Black History luncheon for the teachers and I was responsible for setting up and the music and cleaning up. I had to serve food for about 20 mins. too. There was A LOT of food. Thank goodness, ketosis has already kicked in and for me it makes the food smell bad so I was not tempted. I did fix up a container and brought it home and put it in the freezer. I will make 2-3 meals from that after the challenge. I did pick choices that I can have when I go on 1200 cals per day. I am pooped though and came home and took a nap. One of my co-workers did tell me she can tell I have begun to lose weight again. woo hoo, helps to hear that. Tomorrow, another long day, regional science fair and I have 3 students whose project has moved on to regionals.


Laugh in the face of food
Thats great news Edi, it's so nice when people start noticing!! Good luck with the science fair. Hope your students do well xx


Laugh in the face of food
Woo hoo fantastic!

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