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Extra Easy EE on a budget

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Hey folks,

I've been doing EE all week but i found when i went shopping last wednesday it was one of the most expensive shops that i have done in some time. I normally spend no more than £60 between the 2 of us (this includes toiliteries etc as well) but last week it came to just over £90!! I also ran one of the 7 day menu's from the magazine through Tesco.com just to get a rough estimate of the cost and everything needed on there came to £88.76!!!

Im the only one working in my household at the moment so i need to make sure im not overspending on food each month.

I want to do another week of EE but how can i do this on a budget? There is only 2 of us so i tend to half the recipes but i found that didnt make a difference this week on the shopping i needed.

I have been a bit savvy and used my leftovers for the following day which has worked out well and i want to try and continue that this week.

Im going to get all my fruit and veg in aldi on wednesday, has anyone got any other tips on how to follow EE on a budget?
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To be honest I don't find it any dearer than red or green. If you use the staples, rice, pasta ,veg, fruit, yoghurt ,there's very little that you really need except meat. I manage to do my shop for under £50 and if I really tried I'm sure I could do it for far less (there are 2 of us) I look on the internet to see where the bargains are, and apart from the cheap veg in lidl and aldi I get the rest in our local veg shop. It's far cheaper, local, and tastes far better. Our local butchers is on a par with most things, and you can trace it all back.
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to be honest i find ee the cheapest option, and alot cheaper than red! it just depends what sort of thing your buying but for 2 of us weekly shop came to 60 this week


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I do EE all the time, and spend 50-60 for 2 of us for a week.

I buy some things in bulk, like rice and pasta, as this saves in the long run. I also buy own brands as much as possible.


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Try the value range rice, pasta, timmed toms etc.

Also look at the frozen meat, got a bag of diced beef and lamb for just under £3 each from asda about 1lb in weight...quite lean too. Also Iceland do some great deals on cubed chicken, all ideal for curries/casseroles etc.

Usually buy fruit & veg from the market as it's much cheaper.

My bargain of the week was the free apples & blackberries I picked at the weekend. Usually freeze loads of them down to use for my SW version of crumble through out the winter.

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What is your meal plan this week ?

I still do my money saving things of adding lentils to casseroles and spag bog, tins of beans to chilli and lasange and so on to make the meat go further.

We're just about managing on £90 a week for 2 adults, a toddler with allergies and 4 hungry cats.


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great thread, mabye we could put up EE meals whats needed to cook them n average cost per meal n if they are frezzeable etc

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