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ee/superfree question

superfree foods are now just fruit and unstarchy vegetables.

The advice is a 1/3 of your plate as superfree foods, but this isn't a must, they do recommend it though just to encourage your 5 a day (of fruit and veg) and to boost your weight loss.

If you really don't like any vegetables, but like fruit, then just try and eat some fruit at meal times, It doesn't have to be at every meal, as long as you are having it at some meal times.

If doing tomato based recipes, perhaps you could cook and puree some vegetables into it, or would you still not be able to eat them?
I'm with Britmum on this one, try and blend some fruit and veg into your meal so you don't know your eating it, but other than that, just do what you can and see how it goes.
I never used to like vegetables much. Can't get enough of them now! A lot of the problem was how they were cooked - I can't bear overcooked, mushy veg. It was when I learned to cook myself that I realised that - in this instance - Mother definitely did not know best!!

If you aren't eating a variety of vegetables then you are missing out on a lot of nutrients.

Why not have a try of something new - say once a week? Most vegetables are cheap, so you won't have wasted much if you don't like them. But you might just surprise yourself!!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Aren't eggs, yoghurts & quorn superfree? If not what are they now?

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
But if they're free on all plans then they are superfree - that was the definition!
But if they're free on all plans then they are superfree - that was the definition!
The very minor changes to the plans, are now trying to encourage members to get their healthy 5 a day of fruit and veg. So now only fruit and unstarchy vegetables are superfree. All the other products are still free, they just are not classed as superfree anymore.

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