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Extra Easy EE without veg??


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I'm the first to admit when it comes to food, i'm fussy and faddy and i don't eat vegetables of any variety although i have tried but i seem to have an automatic gag reflex with them.
Whenever i've done sw i usually end up doing only green days and eating the same thing over and over, then i get board and give up.
So do you think i'd be able to do EE eating from the list below as my 1/3 superfree

Coleslaw (which i maintain is superfree because its the dressing thats synnd not the veggies
raw mushrooms

I'm going to try and make a cali and potato soup with cheese mixed in and a bolognaise sauce to try and disguise some hidden veggies but i'm not holding out alot of hope because i no what i'm like.
but yeah as you see not a massive variety. Maybe i could do a couple days a week

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Giving it a try wont hurt hun, I will admit too that im not a big fan of fruit and veg but I seem to be ok doing EE.

Id just mix it up and do EE 2-3days a week, apparently mixing the days up a bit boosts your weightloss - or so I read somewhere?!


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It depends what your portion control is like I suppose. Why not take this as an opportunity to overcome your food aversion? The gag reflex is a learned response and the only way to overcome it is repeated frequent exposure to the thing that causes it - rather like overcoming a spider phobia. But you need to have a positive attitude to it - it sound like you are expecting to fail before you've even started and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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I've been doing well on EE - I like fruit but am very fussy about veg and eat very little of it. On my first night, a fellow new member told our consultant that she hates all veg. Our consultant said that it wasn't a huge problem, just to follow dinner with a couple of pieces of fruit to bump up the 1/3 superfree. And of course, disguising veg is always a good option - carrots and red peppers disguise well in bolognaise, blend well and make sure you have a nice strong tomatoey sauce to absorb the flavour.


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Why not try grating the veg. When I make a Bolognese I finely chop the onions & grate the carrot & mushroom as it makes a nice smooth sauce. You could then adapt other recipes with other grated veg.
You say you don't eat vegetables "of any variety", and then go on to list four varieties that you do eat - cucumber, cabbage, carrot and mushrooms (assuming that the coleslaw is made of cabbage and carrot, which it usually is). So that's a start.

The thing they have in common is that they are all eaten raw. And there is absolutely nothing to say that you have to have vegetables cooked. So why not try some others raw? Grated courgette is nice in a salad, for instance.

And do think about what Circes says - she always makes good sense (although I do wish she hadn't mentioned spiders!).


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Do you know i'd never twigged that they were all raw, will have to give a few raw veggies a try.
Will certainly give it a go with a positive frame of mind, thanks for all the advice!
Do you know i'd never twigged that they were all raw, will have to give a few raw veggies a try.
Will certainly give it a go with a positive frame of mind, thanks for all the advice!
Good for you. When I was a child I refused to eat all cooked vegetables (except potatoes) although I was happy to eat them raw.

I think that this was because my mother - a great woman in all other respects - was a terrible cook, and all her vegetables were cooked for ages. It was only when I started to learn to cook myself that I realised that they didn't have to be a soggy mess!

One way that quite a few people have mention here, of getting to like vegetables, is to have them roasted. Things like butternut squash, courgettes, carrots, aubergines, peppers, cut up into even sized pieces and put on a baking tray, sprayed with Frylight (or sprinkled with a little olive oil if you are feeling "synful"!) and cooked until they are going brown around the edges.

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I used to hate mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, cabage

Now I love them all! Although still can't eat a fresh tomatoe (has to be cooked) or cucumber (blargh!)

Good luck hun x


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I eat them but find it a chore, i never ate them as a child gagged too, I overcame it and now eat them but really do not like them still. I struggle with the veg being a third think thats why I maintained last week and not sure about this week. Only veg I could eat loads of was tinned green beans and I just went off them this week. Only good thing about faddy childhood diet, I hated fat, any type, never liked it on meat and happily chop it all off because I have to for S/W!!!!!!!! How cool.


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People who have trouble eating 1/3 plate superfree - maybe EE isn't for you, seriously, try Red or Green for a change. You get 2 extra HEXs and either your meat OR your pulses/pasta/potatoes etc are still *entirely* free without having to restrict it to a third of the plate.

I think EE gets pushed way too much and its just not for everyone. I do Green nearly every day, I still get my fair share of meat, potatoes etc etc!


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I'm not a great fan veggies on their own (although i've gotten better recently) - a combination of the taste and the texture usually puts me off.

I find that cooking meals with everything thrown in together works really well (Soups are great for this, and there are an endless combination of vegetables which work in soups too). I probably do overcook them a little bit too, but since that doesn't seem to matter on SW, you can cook them to the point where you can barely recognise their taste/texture as vegetables, and have them mixed in with a sauce or something else which you do like :)

A few ideas which I find makes them more bearable
- Colcannon - good for disguising onion & cabbage among a mountain of mustard-mash + gravy
- Cottage Pie - lots of root veg chopped up into smallish pieces disguised in mince+gravy. I always boil them first too since otherwise they won't soften much in the oven.
- Curry - doesn't have to be flaming hot to completely overpower the taste of even the most unpalatable of veggies
- Casseroles, Stews, Sauces etc. Basically anything where vegetables are cooked in liquid/stock, because that's what softens them up and gives them a less-vegetably flavour. Chuck in enough other strong flavours (wine, vinegar, marmite, herbs, spices, etc..) to make them taste nicer
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Jo if you like coleslaw then add carrots, onions and cabbage to things too as that is what is in coleslaw and make your own lf version with lf natural yogurt and fat free fromage frais


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A good brekki one is to measure your 28g of porridge oats for your hex b and then mash a banana, grate an apple and add the other fruit you like to it and then add some lf yogurt either plain or muller light flavour and mix it all up and put in the fridge over night and then eat it in the morning when the oats have soaked in the yogurt and if it is too stodgy just add more yogurt or a splash of milk from your allowance.


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You would need to syn the banana though as you are mashing it - 4 syns for an average banana. You can do the 'magic porridge' without adding the fruit.


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I am naughty and never syn a mashed banana as I only ever have 1 and it gets mashed in my tummy once I chew it anyway lol

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