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eee look another food diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by charl_young, 9 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Hey everyone, I'm doing SW at home.. I don't seem to be losing weight so someone suggested a food diary on here, I'm doing this on my own and away from group. Trying to do this with 2 five year old boys and one 27 year old boy (friend) who all love their food is hard. I'm sick of being self conscious about my weight, and it's time to change as if I carry on god knows what I'll weigh by the time I'm 30!!! Please any help or guidance anyone can give me would be amazing! I don't have a bad diet normally I eat good home made food, just portion control is my issue.. And chocolate! :) thanks guy.

    Breakfast: syn free sausage (from butcher) - free
    Lean grilled bacon medallions (x2) - free
    Beans (free)
    Grilled mushroom (Superfree)
    Baked tomato (Superfree)
    X2 WW bread (hexB)

    350ml skimmed milk throughout day in tea. (hexA)

    x4 cups green tea

    Lunch : jacket potato (free)
    Prawns (free)
    x2 tbsp x light mayo (1syn)
    Superfree salad

    Dinner : SW sweet and sour sauce (1.5 syns)
    chicken (free) brown rice (free) stir fry veg (superfree)

    Snacks: mikado 14 (7syns) waaaaa! boooooo!
    cadbury philly about 40g) syns ???

    Thanks :)
    Last edited: 9 March 2012
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  3. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Looks good so far! Doing a diary is really helpful as you can see exactly what you've had and it forces you to be honest with yourself. I'm not sure I would have lost so much without it!

    I'm doing it from home too but have subscribed to the website so I can track syns and HEXs. I've also got some really accurate scales and haven't found any problems by not going to group. I don't think it's neccessary to pay for use of the site though as everyone is so helpful on here! Ii'm not sure I'm going to bother resubscribing tbh - but I will miss syns online/my app if I do!

    Chocolate Philadelphia (30g) = 4.5 syns

    I'd recommend weighing stuff out too just to make sure you don't go over on your HEXs and so you can accurately monitor your syn intake.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading your diary! :D
  4. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Thank you :)) I'm going to update it everyday, so hopefully I can see where I'm going wrong and get people's advice. Just annoyed I didn't go to the gym today I lazed around watching man v food!! :)

  5. Twinkle314

    Twinkle314 Full Member

    I agree with all of the above Charl. Just keep at it, and weighing the HEX's. You're having a much better day than me, lol.
  6. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    I might have just eaten another 4 mikado's, never buying them again ever!! Jeeze!! I'm sure your day can't be too bad, anyway its friday it doesn't count :) xx
  7. Twinkle314

    Twinkle314 Full Member

    Ate my first big bag of sweets in 2 months, so probably not going to have a good weigh-in. Thought it had all been going too well!
  8. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Hi, welcome to minimins. :) Your food diary looks really good.

    I brought those mikardos. There so yummy and morish. I have a pack at work, to stop me going to the vending machines and buying a chocolate bar. As i thought that even if i eat lots of them its still less syns. I have the daim ones. Yummy. Saw they do white ones too. :D


  9. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    It's ok :) just don't carry on! I know once I've given in to one thing I just think screw it and go food crazy! Then get angry at myself. Sweets are good when you need it. Sometime :)) am sure it couldn't make tooooo much difference

  10. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Thanks :) I'm so so hooked on them, only about 12 left in the box. Oops!

    Daim ones... Oooooooooo!!

  11. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Does anyone know how many syns are in the weight watchers cake?? I bought some carrot ones, they are lush, but avoiding them til I know how many syns

    Thanks u! Xx
  12. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    4 syns per slice. If its the cakes 5.5. With stuff that contains no free foods you just syn 1 per 20 cals x
  13. Twinkle314

    Twinkle314 Full Member

    Thanks. Have had a nice grilled breakfast this morning so a good start. Trying to forget about the sweets and too much alcohol! I will be much better today. Hope you have a good day too.
  14. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Thanks! You too :)
  15. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    OOOHHH NOOOO!! It's all gone awry today :( started so well... Then out for lunch.... Then...

    Breakfast : smoked salmon (free) poached eggs( free) x2 slices WW toast (hexB) Strawberries (SF)

    WW carrot cake (4syns)

    Then we went to italians for lunch ... :(

    Potato skins (I did only eat half ) pasta (which sounded great but had loads of oil in) salad (SF)

    Thennnn just to make it worse got sick of deciding what to have for dinner in tesco and bought beef wellington soo

    Dinner : beef Wellington (syns ?! :( )
    SW roast potatoes (free) and parsnips (Superfree)
    Steamed asparagus, broccoli, and carrot (Superfree)

    Tomorrow I'm going to go to the gym for like 2 hours! And swimming!

    At least I haven't drank any vino rouge as well!

  16. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    So I only ate half the pastry.. That's gotta get rid of some syns surely! Ha! Oh gawd!!! X
  17. Twinkle314

    Twinkle314 Full Member

    And we had a chinese last night. Hey ho, it's the weekend!
  18. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    I can't ever stick to plan at weekends! I'm just happy I stayed off the boozing otherwise I'd feel doubly guilty! Back on plan today though!
  19. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Today is a good food day! EE plan

    Breakfast : syn free sausage, lean bacon (free) mushrooms (SF) bowl of strawberries ((SF) and a muller fat free Greek yogurt (yum) x2 slices 400g loaf (hexB)

    Mikado x6 (3 syns)

    Lunch/dinner : roast lamb leg (free) SW roast potatoes (free) parsnips. Carrot, spring cabbage and green beans (SF) Gravy (2syns)

    Probably just pick at the cold lamb later on.

    Cadbury philly - 60g - I haven't had any hexA today so I'm going to take some of the light philly off and count it at 4 syns.. this is probably wrong like, but hey ho!!

    Total Syns : 9
    Happy Sunday :) xx
    Last edited: 16 March 2012
  20. Twinkle314

    Twinkle314 Full Member

    Well done. You're doing better than me. I start the mornings well, but by the evenings, need all the naughty stuff!
    Back to work tomorrow, though, and hopefully I'll stick to plan a little better.
  21. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    EE Day

    Ok today has been good and bad.. I've been too busy to eat much.. So I'm irritable and tired but cooking up a storm now!

    Breakfast : loads of green tea (there was no food in :( )

    Lunch : wholewheat pitta (hexB) chicken, fat free muller (free) fruit (SF)

    Loads more green tea

    Dinner : chicken breasts (free) stuffed with light Philly (hexA) wrapped in bacon. New potatoes (free) SW roasted peppers (SF AND FREE MIX) salad (SF)

    some cake at a kids party (10 syns)
    Woooo! X

    Total Syns : 10
    Last edited: 16 March 2012

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