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Eeek! - 4th day of Cruise and scared I've messed up already

Hi all,

I'm new on here and this is my very first post - please could someone offer me some encouragement to keep me on track?!

I've just finished 8 days of attack, lost over 3 kilos (6/7 lb) and was really motivated and organised.
I started Cruise 4 days days ago so yesterday was my second PV day - and I messed it all up by having 2 glasses of champagne. Normally I wouldn't have a problem refusing alcohol, but succumbed to pressure from a friend who lives overseas and was visiting for one night only.
I then have spent today gorging a bit - on PP foods I thought. But now I've seen that rhubarb is only a PV food so I've messed that up too......
I can see my stomach is bigger than it was a few days ago, and I'm scared to get on the scales as I know I'll get discouraged. (Told myself I would weigh in each Monday morning only)

So my question to you more experienced ladies is this - How long does it take to even out and get back onto losing weight again? I don't want to weigh in on Monday if i'm going to be higher than when I was on Attack! (I've got another 13kg /26 lb to lose)

Feeling a bit miserable.....
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Try not to beat yourself up, you are a human being and we all make mistakes. Take a deep breath, chalk it up to experience and move on.

If you think it is going to de motivate you then don't weigh yourself until Monday and just continue and be very careful doing your PV and PP days. It is only a minor slip in the grand scheme of things. Most of what you might have gained will be water so keep an eye on your salt levels.


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Don't worry - you'll recover fine and well done on sticking to your PP foods in the Champagne aftermath :) most people would have reached for WORSE! One extra PV day because of the rhubarb is not going to derail you! It might slow this weeks losses but just get back on track, you did not stray far and you should be fine by Monday.


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Actually rhubarb is a tolerated item on PP but only 100 grams in the day.
Champagne however.... I hope you enjoyed it! But now oat bread and water!


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That was a very minor mistake/blip really.

Good to know that the rhubarb is tolerated on PP as well (as I made 400g worth of stewed (in water) Rhubarb yesterday and added a little sweetener and it is sitting in the fridge looking tempting on my pp day now!).

I'm not experienced enough to tell you the answer to your main question but I wouldn't imagine it would take long at all.

Do you just weigh once a week then?
Thanks all, seem to be back on track now - well haven't weighed myself yet, just mean that I'm feeling better about it.

Zeke - I've only been on this a couple of weeks, but have decided to try to weigh myself once a week (Monday mornings). I realise Dukan suggests more often, but I know how demoralised I get when the scale isn't saying what I want, so I think that for me at least it's better to allow each week to 'even itself out' before I look at the figures. That way if I think I haven't done so well I can be extra careful on the Sunday and then I'm more likely to see numbers I want - skewed perhaps, but the happier I am with the numbers the more successfully motivated I'm likely to be!

I've actually drawn myself up a chart to mark PP/PV days, exercise sessions per week, and what weight I should hope to be each week (geeky I know, but those things help me) :)

Thanks for advice ladies
Hi, have just restared Dukan with an attack. Last time I shed 5 lbs in 5 days. Fell off the wagon on cruise and what a pity I didn't get back on as was going great guns.

Never mind I say!! We seem to have the same weight to lose and started at the same weight so it would be good to both lose our extra lbs!!

OK - lets get back at it. :)

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